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Jay Mike on Monday 18th May posted on his Instagram page that "The Train" finally hits the landmark of 1 million viewers on YouTube

There are lots of congratulatory messages on Instagram one of which is from The Winlos on their Instagram page: “Okay so it’s no more news that The Train movie hit the 1m views landmark on YouTube... We are super excited right now! Firstly, it is arguably the FIRST Nigeria movie to hit 1M views in 15 days and also no 1 trending Nigeria movie for 2 weeks now! Wow!!

This tells you that there is a future for Gospel filmmaking. I want to use this to encourage everyone doing GOSPEL, it may not be popular at first but give it time.

Whatever you are doing for Christ is a seed that will turn into a giant tree someday. If God is doing it for your neighbours, it means God is already in your neighbourhood.

Your time is coming, hold on!! Congratulations to daddy @mikebamiloye @damilolamikebamiloye
@jay_mikee and everyone at mount Zion plus everyone who worked on this project!”

If you haven't seen the movie please, click here to watch it. Trust me you will be blessed by the movie.

  • Don't give up on that dream, hold on!
  • Don't despise the days of small beginnings.
  • God is in the business of making you great for His glory.

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