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 The Train: The journey of faith is a movie about the life of Evang. Mike Bamiloye from childhood to adulthood and how he began to fulfill his purpose, how he met his helpmeet, how he walked in faith...

It's a movie that will strengthen your faith in God, especially in fulfilling your God-given assignment on earth.

There is a chapter I really love, maybe it's because I like love stories😀

I love other chapters, I am using chapters because the movie has 7 chapters.

Chapter 5 (Sis Gloria) is where Bro Mike met Sis Gloria if you know what I mean... Love story lol.

Bro Mike had a hard time with sisters in fellowship from Sis Pelumi to Sis Deborah.

He was almost frustrated by sisters in fellowship that he wasn't close to any after the incidents with the above sisters, he had a "Hi" and "Bye" relationship with them lol.

This changed when he met his God sent helpmeet (Sis Gloria). Chai, when watched this part it stirred something in me. She was so convinced that he is the one.

There was something he said while praying when she agreed to marry him, he was praying and said:“...today 5th of August 1985 marks the beginning of the ministry, today marks the beginning of Mount Zion ”... was he saying that his marriage was the beginning of his ministry? Yes, oh.

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When he asked her to marry him, he told her that he wants her to marry him because of the work of God that has been committed to his hand, he needs her to help him because he can't do it alone.

To the folks out there who believe that when they are married their assignment, ministry and career will enter one chance...Renew your mind.

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 Don't believe that your marriage will hinder you from serving God, it should help you do more for God. Bible says that one will chase a thousand while two will chase ten thousand to flight.

I am not saying it won't be challenging especially with managing time because of your responsibilities in marriage.

Evang. Mike and Gloria Bamiloye

Together you will achieve more for the kingdom.

 This is what I have chosen to believe about my marriage.

Me, wifey, and children on fire for God oh.

I love this funny part where Gloria’s Mum will always leave to drink water whenever bro Mike is in the house with Sis Gloria😀

Now to relationship lessons from the movie:
  1. Be convinced and observe before telling a girl "she is God's will for you" or else you may be frustrated.
  2. Don't marry a person's past or present, look at their future.
  3. Sis if he comes to ask you out, go and pray to confirm if he is God's will, don't go and start asking people about him - let God speak to you first.
  4. Marry on purpose and for a purpose.
  5. Who you marry can be a burden bearer to fulfilling your assignment or a burden you take to God in prayer that is hindering your assignment.
  6. Sis Gloria would have gone to marry the lawyer who was going to take her to the UK, but she accepted to marry a so call "jobless man" who resigned from his teaching job to focus on ministry -  Marry a man with a vision.
  7. Marry not for pleasure but for your assignment, because there is a lot of pleasure when fulfilling assignment together.
God can make a difference in your life and make you great, click here to receive Jesus Christ as Lord of your life.

If you haven't watched it, it's available on YouTube.

It will bless and inspire you.

If you have watched it, please share your profound lessons.

I love and celebrate you.

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