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 Good day friends,

 Hope you are doing great and staying safe at home?

Spending quality time with your children is extremely important for their development and happiness.

Most Parents today are busy juggling work and home. Multitasking as they call it, allows them to take care of many things at a time, one of the ‘things’ being the child. If you have been spending time with your child in this fashion, it is time for a change. If you want to understand your children, you need to spend quality time with them.
The time you spend with your kids at the dinner table or driving them to school and back is not enough. You may have to dedicate time to talk and play with them, and spend quality hours that allow you to understand their psychology.

 Thankfully, this season you have been made to stay at home compulsorily with your family until the stay at home ban is lifted.

Your children deserve your undivided attention

Here are 5 tips that will inspire you to spend quality time with your children:

1. Understand your child's temperament: 

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Your children were raised under the same roof, but their personalities can't be the same. Most parents don't know the reason their children act the way they do. If you’re the parent of multiple children, you’ve probably been surprised by how different your children seem. One might be quiet and easygoing, while the other is very social and passionate. One takes the change in stride, while another might need extra time to adjust. These children were raised with the same parents, in the same home environment, and in the same culture, yet they approach life very differently. This is because of their temperament.

Temperament is something we're born with—it's a set of traits that makes each of us unique, and it's a powerful factor in determining how we react to the world. 

Every child has a unique temperament. You have to be able to understand them and treat them that way.

Psychologists and researchers generally look at five characteristics when considering temperament. They are:
  1. Emotional intensity
  2. Activity level
  3. Frustration tolerance
  4. Reaction to new people
  5. Reaction to change
The four personality types and some of their commonly recognized characteristics are:
  • Choleric: adventurous, determined, outspoken, competitive, strong-willed.
  • Sanguine: playful, sociable, talkative, lively, imaginative.
  • Melancholy: detailed, orderly, persistent, respectful, deep.
  • Phlegmatic: thoughtful, controlled, adaptable, attentive, diplomatic.
Do your child's personality test here.

When you study their temperament and personality trait you will discover their strength and weakness. Don't focus on their weakness this is why we have a spirit controlled temperament (Gal 5:22-23) where we bring every temperament under the influence of the Holy Spirit. It's the fall of man that makes us feel depressed, sad, angry, fearful, etc.

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2.  Discover their passion:

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Parents, this is time to know what your children are passionate about if you haven't figured that out before now. What kind of chores do they like doing? Do they like to draw? Do they like to sing? Are they dramatic? Do they like to speak up for their siblings? What sets of toys do they love? They can be passionate for a bad course, it's your duty through the wisdom of God in you to channel their energy to the right course. Remember, it's your responsibility to train your children the way you want them to go (Proverb 22:6).

Pay attention to their passion. It's a pointer to their purpose.

3. Discover their potential:

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Potential is an unexposed ability, reserved power, untapped strength... It's the gifts, talents, and abilities that are inherent in a person. How I wished my parents heard this back then, thankful to God for what he has done for me.

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  • look for their interest
  • Watch for their hobbies
  • Notice their love for subjects in school
  • Never underestimate their passion for sports
  • Study their behavior
  • Teach them decision-making and problem-solving skills

   Every child is a genius and is extremely gifted in one thing or another

Dear parents your children are gifted, some of you don't know, you always call them "dumb ass" because they don't do well academically. You allow them to feel inferior. Have you discovered their potential and see how you can use their potential to inspire them academically?

4. Nurture their potential: 

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Buy them; toys, books, videos and take them to places that can inspire them to release their potential (please do this after the ban is lifted in your country). Don't just give them the materials but also be their tutor on how to use them. Give them the opportunity to grow.  

If your children love to draw, sing, write, or act, encourage them to do that more often. Get them to attend art or painting classes and help them express themselves better. You can also give them different themes for drawing, without restricting their imagination.

5. Have fun:
Play games with your children, have a reading marathon, write stories together, play soccer, paint or draw together, tell them bedtime stories, watch movies with them. Make your home a comfortable atmosphere for your children to grow despite their temperament.

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Special Bonus Tip:
I won't let you go without giving you this special tip — pray for your children and share God's word with them. Teach them how to meditate on the Word. teach them the principles of the kingdom that will guarantee their good success (Josh 1:8) in life.

I pray your children will grow in the fear of the Lord and discover the purpose of God for their lives.

I hope these tips are helpful? Please share your tips on how you are have been spending quality time with your children in the comment box.

My greetings to the family.

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