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Good day, God's Treasure.

I welcome you to May.

This month:
M - Miracles
A  - Awaits
Y-    You

You are a testimony of God's goodness and faithfulness.

Please do read Part 1 of this story if you are just joining us...


He saw I was not paying attention and asked what made me come visit him, I told him I was feeling bored. We discussed and he made me laugh.

I then asked him if he had movies on his laptop, he told me he just got some movies he had not watched from his neighbor. So I told him that he is wasting time, he should bring out the laptop. So he brought his bag from his wardrobe and then, his laptop from his bag, he then turned on the laptop and opened it because the laptop was locked with a password and then gave me to select the movie, so I selected one from the new movies he got from his neighbor because they had very interesting titles.

When he gave me the laptop, I told him I will not be comfortable watching the movie on my lap and asked if I could use the bed, without thinking about it he agreed. I joined him to lie on his bed, the laptop was a little distance from us.

The movie began, there were many pornographic scenes in the movie. I said I will fast forward those scenes but, I found it difficult to do because I wanted to see the end.  My flesh kept yearning for more of those scenes, so I kept watching. I began to feel horny- I was already turned on by those scenes.

At this point I was in a dilemma, should I stand up now and leave bro Jerry's house or if I should stay because I didn't want him to know I was leaving because of the way I was feeling. I told myself that I have the fruit of the spirit, I can control myself. We kept watching, bro Jerry didn't say a word, I wondered if he was thinking what I was thinking?

As we were watching, there were more of those scenes, the fire of passion was already burning in me. I looked at Bro Jerry who was lost in the movie... then the movie ended.

I was still on fire and I don't know if he didn't notice it and said we should discuss the movie while on the bed, as we were discussing I just kept seeing  Bro Jerry as one of the guys in the movie we watched.

I don't know what came over me, I asked him to give me a kiss. I knew it would be had for him to resist my request as my secret admirer. He was trying to leave the bed, I quickly pushed him politely to the bed and I was on him. I said please just a kiss won't hurt, don't be afraid nothing is going to happen. So l locked my lips in his, we kissed once and I asked for one more, the more we kissed the more I wanted to kiss his succulent lips. I thought I could control myself. Bro Jerry could not resist this seductive act masterminded by me and found it difficult to resist as he was also turned on by the movie but was trying to suppress his emotions. We kept kissing and caressing each other in the fire of sexual pleasure, we couldn't stop it and before the count of two, we were naked... We had sex...This was never in our minds to do, we created the atmosphere and neither of us was sensitive to flee from this unholy atmosphere.

 We never planned to have sex, please don't blame me because I didn't come to his house to lead him to sin.

After I had let out my passionate desire I came to my senses. It was then I realized what I had done, I quickly dressed up with my eyes filled with tears. I asked will God forgive me? I have messed up again.

The last time I had sex was at age 20 on campus with my then-boyfriend, this was before I invited Jesus into my life. Since then I asked for grace to live in sexual purity.

Now, 5 years later I did it again, I had promised God that the man who will see my nakedness again will be my husband. See what boredom has caused me now... I seduced my Protocol leader to have sex with me. I was so nonchalant to the signs. My pastor had told me to beware of going to guys house alone, that if I should go, I should go with someone.

My Pastor had told me that I am a human being with sex drive which is normal, but this sex drive can be activated through:

  1. Being in a secluded place with a guy
  2. Discussing sex with a guy
  3. Touching sensitive parts of my body
  4. Inordinate display of affection
  5. Watching pornography...etc.

I remembered all this before I decided to visit Bro Jerry alone, I had said to myself that bro Jerry won't do a thing like that with me, he was a spiritual brother that loved God, but I forgot he is also a human being with blood running through his veins.

 It was Bro Jerry's first sexual encounter, he felt so ashamed of himself. He was crying on the floor asking God for mercy. He told me that he thought he could control the situation, especially when he had an interest in me, he said he was mesmerized by my beauty that he lost focus on his duty to treat me as his sister, not his wife. He asked me for forgiveness, immediately we knelt down and began to cry to God for mercy.

Bro Jerry called me on the phone when I got home to apologize and told me he was going to report us to our pastor. On Sunday after the service, we went to see our pastor and told him what happened that Friday. He was so disappointed in us, especially in Bro Jerry who he told that he would have brought things under control.

After lashing us, he read 1 Corinthians 6:16-20 and told us that sexual immorality does not have to do with reasoning but fleeing. He knelt down with us and asked God to have mercy on us.

We repented from our sin and asked God for the grace to live a life of purity.

He gave us some assignments to do, that will help us walk righteousness and continue our fellowship with God.

We did all he asked us to do, we went on leave from serving in the protocol department of our church, though we were still attending church service. Only the pastor and his wife knew what happened between me and Bro Jerry in the church. When people asked us why we weren't functioning in the protocol department, he told us to tell them that we are busy with an assignment from the pastor.

My pastor covered us from public disgrace and established us in righteousness, we had counseling sessions with him. He didn't send us away from the church, he brought us even closer to himself, and like Jesus said to the woman caught in the act of adultery he said to us neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.

I became like my Pastor and his wife's biological daughter, they were always there for me.

I would have died in guilt and condemnation but God used them raised me up and told me not to remain down because I fell from grace but to rise up in righteousness because I am the redeemed.

My dear sisters, I had to learn these lessons the hard way:

  1. A spiritual brother is also a sexual being - he has emotions.
  2. In my relationship with brothers, I should always create the right atmosphere. The wrong atmosphere will create wrong actions no wonder the bible says to flee from every appearance of evil.
  3. It's not a weakness when we flee from sexual temptation, it is wisdom.
  4. Don't trust your flesh by saying I can handle it
  5. I should not rely on my strength to overcome sexual temptations but the power of God's spirit.

After this encounter, I kept walking in purity with brothers, I desired to honor God in my conversations and action with them. By the Grace of God, I never had sex again until I got married to my husband 2 years after.

My friend, we are all products of God's mercy and grace, if we fall we should not continue in sin, let's return to our the Lord who can forgive us our sins and cleanse us with His precious blood. you are very special to God don't let the devil deceive you by making you feel you are worthless. The devil is the one condemning you to death (Rom 8:1), God only convinces you of sin so you can repent.

The Lord is ready to help you out of sin if you will surrender your heart to Him and receive His life, you do this now by saying this short prayer from your heart.

Lord Jesus, I believe in your death and resurrection, and that you died for my sins. I receive forgiveness of my sins and ask that you come in my heart to be my personal Lord and savior. I welcome the Holy Spirit into my heart, I declare today that I am born again and I am a child of God in Jesus name. Amen.

If you made this decision please send a mail to fulfillpurposeblog@gmail.com so we can pray with you and tell you the next step to take. 

God bless you😘 

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