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It was few days to Christmas, my roommate had traveled to Abuja to see her parents, I planned to travel to my village after Christmas because my manager gave me 2 weeks break after the Christmas Celebration.

 I had a day off from work, so I was feeling bored. My gist partner had traveled and there was no power supply for 2 days in my street, our transformer was faulty. My Samsung phone battery and power bank I charged at the office on Thursday had both ran down. I couldn't visit my social media platforms most especially Instagram and youtube, where I usually like to while away my time.

So I decided to check on bro Jerry at home, to spend time with him and overcome boredom. Bro Jerry is my friend and the leader of the protocol department in my Church. I admire him so much, he is a gentle, loving, and a caring brother, that sisters always flock around after church service. He is always fun to be with, you will laugh away your sorrows whenever he is with you. I was attracted to him, I liked his personality. He was very handsome, chocolate, and tall. I was so attracted to his broad chest, thick muscles, and six-packs. I felt secured around him especially when he hugs me. He always goes to the gym to workout. He wasn't like other spiritual brothers who didn't take care of their bodies. His clothes always match his shoes, he always dresses to look good.

 Did I say he was my kind of guy? Yes, he was, but I never gave him attention whenever he wanted to take our friendship to the next level because I didn't feel in my spirit that he was the man for me.

So, that faithful Friday evening, I thought of going to visit him since I was bored. We have been friends for 1 year, what made us close was my protocol department in Church. I knew his house when members of our department paid him a visit when he was sick.

When I got to his house, I knocked at the door, he was so happy to see me and gave me a hug, this was his usual way of greeting sisters even in the church. He welcomed me into his room and gave me a chair to sit on while he sat on the bed. He was living in a self-contain apartment which was just 15 minutes walk from my house.

He was so happy, though surprised to see me in his house because he had invited me on several occasions to his house which I turned down the invitation.

He opened his small refrigerator which was beside his wardrobe and gave me a chilled Maria pure water to drink and cool my temperature from the effect of the scourging sun.

He quickly excused me, told me he was coming back and wanted to get something from his neighborhood. I knew he was going to get something to entertain me, I didn't object because I was damn hungry.

He went to Mama Abu a woman that sells provisions at the front of their house to give him a chilled malt drink. He told Mama Abu to add it to his debt list, as he promised he was going to pay her at the end of the month when he receives his salary.

Bro Jerry dashed the door open as though someone was pursuing him. I almost took to my hills when he came in, he saw how frightened I was and apologized that he was running so he doesn't keep me waiting. I smiled and told him it was okay, but he wouldn't have run; what if he had fallen on the floor?

When he came into the room, he quickly pulled off his polo shirt, then I came face to face with his broad chest that I have been admiring.

We began talking about church, he was so excited to tell me how last Wednesday mid-week service was so powerful. I wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying, I was lost in thought... My eyes couldn't go off his chest...to be continued, watch out for Part 2 on Friday.

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