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My dear Sister, you can avoid heartbreaks from a brother in Christ. Especially from when they claim God has revealed you are their spouse, they call to tell you.
See what one bro was telling Sis Becky, "as I was in the mountain in my house for 14 days during this COVID-19 lockdown I heard the audible voice of God saying to me, Sis Becky is your wife..." Guess what, she told him she had to go and pray to confirm from God. 2 days later he gave him a big No! Thank God for Sis Becky, this is how many sisters have been deceived by their charisma to fall in love with them rather than their character and then came in reality with an unfaithful Bro who run shows with sisters in the church, unfortunately, if you were one of their bait, you know better now, they are anointed but their fruits are annoying.

I believe with these tips below heartbreaks can be avoided, let's separate the wolves from the sheep.


Many a man proclaims his own loyalty, but a faithful man who can find? (Proverbs 20:6)

Good day friends,

 I hope you are doing great and staying safe at home?

Many Sisters, have been heartbroken in relationships with guys who they believed should be faithful because they attend the same youth fellowship and they are very active in the service of God, but these guys end up cheating on them and breaking their hearts.

Are there signs to check if the guy you are dating or in courtship with is faithful or has the tendency to be unfaithful in your relationship and in marriage?

Can a guy be faithful when he has the option to lay in “greener pastures?”

One fact you should know is that all men have the option to cheat, just as everyone has the option to be sexually pure...

Whether or not a guy cheats has little to do with availability. It has everything to do with his fruit (character).

The fact you met him in church does not make him not to cheat, even if he blasts in tongues for  5 hours every day and cast out devils and has the gifts of the Spirit through which many have been delivered from the snares of the devil — these are not tests of his faithfulness. 

In a 2018 research by Wendy Wang director of research at the America Institute for Family Studies, she opined that: "religious service attendance is the only factor that shows consistent significance in predicting both men and women’s odds of infidelity."

This, therefore, reveals that attending church does not make one faithful.  You don't find a faithful guy in a church service, but in God — a man who seeks after God. 

A guy will be faithful when his heart and mind are renewed with the word of God

A faithful guy is known by his fruits.

The true measure of a guy is determined by his finer qualities, not his options to stray. 

However, knowing whether a man is faithful or not can be determined by the following checklist:

#1 His Faithfulness to God

You will know if he will be faithful to you when he serves God from a heart of love. He is serving with his gift in a department in church, not a Sunday Sunday Christian. You don't force him to church, he delights in going to God's house. 

This guy fears, honors, and serves God.

This guy will treat you with love and respect because He is in Christ. He will love you unconditionally just as Christ loves the church.  

He will take good care of you, making you look very attractive and beautiful before him. No physical or verbal harassment, and always want to make you happy. 
He will cover your weakness not expose them.

 When he falls, he runs to God, he is not proud of sinful habits in his life.

#2 He submits to Authority 

A guy who has no one he listens to will find it difficult to be faithful. He tends to be autocratic,  his word is final and does things his way — that guy is dangerous Sis. When he is doing something wrong there is no one to correct him and he will listen. He does not listen to his parents and has no man of God, mentor, or counselor he submits to, how will you cope with his ungodly character? He will deal with you and you can't speak out...

 A faithful guy will submit in honor to his parents, he will have mentors around him because he knows he is not perfect and needs them to check on him so he will continue to grow in righteousness.

If he is not submitting to authority how will he lead the home when he expects you to submit to him?

#3 He guards His heart 

A guy who is faithful will guard his heart against wrong kinds of stuff, if not he will act that way towards you and others. For instance, a guy that feeds his mind with porn will be a sexual pervert. He will masturbate and have a very strong desire to engage in sex with you or anyone available even when he is in a relationship with you. This is why most Christians though born again, engage in sexual immorality — they don't guard their hearts and renew their minds.

#4 He exercises self-control over his emotions

He is conscious that in his recreated human spirit he has been given the fruit of self-control. This you see him exercise.

He may get upset when his ego is touched, he is able to control his emotions and not make it explosive when angry. He knows what words to choose when angry, and chooses to do something positive to channel that emotion. Not to chide, scold, or even hit.

When he has sexual feelings toward you, he puts it under control and not act on it because he knows that it's not the right time —he is going to flee from fornication. 

If he can't control his sexual feeling now that you are not married, what's the guarantee he will do so in marriage?

He has a sense of taste and believes in his choice. He is not the kind of guy who likes to try to satisfy his curiosity and flirts with other ladies.

He also knows that he will not sacrifice his relationship and family for the sake of side chics. He defines his relationship with other ladies based on the purpose of the relationship. He won't turn a business relationship into a romantic one, etc. 

#5 A faithful man keeps his promise

No matter the pressure on this guy, he tends to always keep to his words. He does not lie so he can please you. What he tells you is what he is going to do. A faithful guy is not rash about his words and promises.  He lives like His Abba Father who doesn't joke with His words and honors his word more than his name.  He can't tell you he wants to marry you and at the same time be dating another Lady. If for any reason he can't keep his promise, he will let you know why and then apologizes. 

Deception is not consistent with his nature — this is why he doesn't take pleasure in breaking the heart of ladies.

#6 He is not attention hungry from other women

Getting the attention of his family and of course from you is enough. He will not seek the praise of another lady to feel confident that he is handsome or worthy to be loved. He is pretty confident because you are beside him. And that's enough!

He feels safe and confident in himself because he is conscious of his identity in Christ. He is secured. He is loved. He knows exactly what to do when faced with a problem and believes that he can solve the problem because “He can do all things through Christ who gives him strength” (Philippians 4:13).

#7 He is always grateful

A faithful guy is a man of gratitude. He is grateful to God for bringing you into his life. H
e appreciates everything he has including you and this is shown in his unwavering commitment to you.

 He is satisfied with what he has accomplished and keeps everything because he believes that this is the result of effort and hard work. 

 He will try to keep a good and successful relationship because he knows that the outcome of his relationship is an extension of his marital journey! 

#8 He keeps maintains His Relationship with God

A faithful guy will maintain a constant fellowship with God.  I am not talking about going to church, I  am talking about having a relationship with God. He doesn't just work for God, he walks with God. This is where he draws strength. This is where he is sustained. This he does through studying and meditating on the word of God and praying. He lives by the word of God not by his feelings.

As our key verse points to us that indeed who can find a faithful man! Not that this is not possible but rather it is rare because a faithful man is a man of the Spirit and walks according to the leading of the Spirit. Many guys have refused to submit to the Holy Spirit but yet want wives who will submit to them! 

Faithfulness isn't something we are born understanding; we must learn about it and train ourselves to be that way. Train to be a faithful wife, it's not only the guy that should be faithful, but the same characteristics listed above is also for you to do a check on yourself.

If you haven't started praying for your guy, start now. Pray that he will be a man that bears the fruit of the spirit not just the gifts of the spirit.

If your guy is not faithful, pray for him and he should we willing to receive help from mentors and counselors. If he is adamant, my dear it's a red flag to back out. A guy doesn't change on the wedding day when he is on the altar in his white suit.

 The destiny of your marriage depends on faithfulness.

If there are men who are genuinely led by God in this generation, then we will all be having a world populated with faithful men, which will no longer be a rare sight.

I believe there are still more signs to know a guy who is faithful, these are the ones I am able to come up with.

Do have a blessed day.

I love and celebrate you 💖

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