Revealed: 4 important truths about the personality of a woman (03).

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The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.(Jeremiah 31:3 KJV).

In my last post on this series Unveiling the priceless personality of every lady. I said that one of the things a woman should know about her unique personality is that she is a favour to her man and to her relationship/marriage and also she is beautiful. In the first series we said a woman should know that she is the needed not the needy.
In this series we will be looking at a lady knowing that she is accepted.

4. You have been Accepted:
One thing that everyone wants in life is to know that they are accepted and loved. No one wants to feel rejected, dejected and forsaken. No one wants to be in a place where their presence is tolerated instead of being celebrated.

The challenge of not knowing that you have been accepted is you trying to do things to please the person you love even at your detriment. He always wants you to prove your love to him and if you don't you will be made to feel that you don't love him.

Read the story below...
She was a scholar on campus, a very intelligent student. She had a boyfriend who always pressured her for sex. Her stand was abstinence, she believe that sex should be after the wedding and she had envision this as a special gift to  her husband on their wedding night. She always resisted him whenever he brings the subject of sex. A time came she began to gradually loose him to other ladies who gave him whatever he demands from them. She began to feel bad because of the emotional and physical distance of their relationship. This affected her academic performance because she was heart broken by the lifestyle of her boyfriend. Whenever she confronts him with the issue he always tell her, that the food she doesn't want him to eat, somebody else is feeding him and he will stop being fed by them when she begins to feed him. She began to think  of his statement so she said to herself that there is nothing she will lose if she gives him sex, as both of them will still get married. 

So, she finally succumbed to the guy's proposal just so he can win back her guy's heart. After he had deflowered her, from that night his attitude changed towards her. He began calling her names and even  abused her physically for mistakes that he overlooked before. Everything about her became offensive to him. The painful part was that she never got  his heart again and the lady has given her precious Pearl to a dog. The guy was a player and he had gotten what he wanted and so did not want to have anything to do with the girl again.

She wanted to be accepted in her relationship with her supposed boyfriend, but she was used and abused in the process. She comprised her values just to feel accepted by him and the end is regret, shame and pain from the same guy.

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Most persons want you to do what is wrong so you can feel accepted, but if you know who and whose you are, you will prefer to let go of the relationship than allow the relationship destroy your life and destiny. You don't get acceptance by hurting yourself. You get acceptance by first knowing who you are and knowing that you are the best. You are enough. You don't need to comprise to be what you are not. You are unique and you are royalty. So knowing who and whose you are and also the kingdom of which you are a Princess is a very vital to knowing and feeling you are accepted.

Acceptance is a very powerful asset that is needed to sustain and maintain a relationship

When there is a problem of acceptance then there will be a problem in the relationship which can lead to hurt, heart break and the end of a relationship.
So what is the acceptance that every lady needs.
The acceptance of who they are: No lady wants to be compared with another fellow. They want you to know that they are their unique personality. So you have to love and accept how they look. You have to accept their character and get ready to improve on their character and also get ready to accommodate the things you cannot change now. This you do with love not by tolerating them. You have to accept their family background. You have to accept their dreams and what they are passionate about in life. You have to accept their friends and those who are a blessing to them, you should love, honour and respect them.

A Lady needs to understand that no man can make her feel accepted

A Lady needs to understand that no man can make her feel accepted if she has not found her acceptance in Christ. If she has not received the love of Christ, she cannot understand what it means to love and be loved unconditionally. She needs to know that Jesus Christ loves her the way she is, there is no need for her to try to please him so that she can feel loved by Him. There is nothing she can do to warrant the love God has for her, but just to believe and accept His love.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16 KJV)

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Jesus has paid it all on the cross, you are loved and accepted by God, all because of Jesus. This will make her to live a life of security, joy, love, purpose and peace. She has to know that Christ is her all in all, no man has the capacity to meet all her needs except Christ. When a man fails her, the only person that will not fail her is Jesus Christ. When people look down at her, call her all manner of names, Jesus looks at her and makes her to know that she is a princess and what other people say does not matter.
Dear lady if you are in Christ you have been accepted,  so you don't need a man to make you feel accepted. Stay in the knowledge of God's love for you.
Dear Friend, God created you to be PRICELESS but the devil has placed a price tag on your destiny, to some this price tag is sex, money, fame, immoral dressing etc. You must know that God is not against your happiness in life, He always want you to be happy. You will not know His love if you don't have a relationship with him, through your relationship with Him He with teach you how to be a woman that is Priceless. 

You can begin a relationship now with the lord Jesus Christ and experience His love for you by saying this prayer:
Lord Jesus Christ I acknowledge that I am a sinner, I believe in your death and resurrection. I ask you to forgive me my sins, I reject the devil and all his works and l welcome the Holy Spirit into my life. I declare today I am born again and I am a child of God in Jesus name. Amen.

If you just said that prayer I welcome you to God's family. Look for a Bible believing church where God's word is taught and fellowship there.
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