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Today I want to share with you on the difference between Begging, Asking and Partnership .

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you (Matthew 7:7 KJV).

I  grew up with a very independent mindset that made me believe that I don't need anyone to succeed in life, I can do things all by myself without asking help from anyone or partnering with people. I thought if I ask people to help me I will be a burden to them and this I don't like to be to people. I thought that I was begging people when I ask them for help. I was wrong! Until I learnt that there is a difference between asking, begging and partnership, I wallowed in ignorance of not making use of the gifts and resources in people which is referred to as human capital . So let me show you the difference that I have learnt so that if you are in my shoe, you can get your mind renewed today.

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People is one of the greatest asset you need to fulfill your purpose and destiny in life.

This is the practice of requesting help from someone earnestly or humbly for something, often in the form of money or to plead with someone for a favour. A person doing begging is called a beggar, panhandler or mendicant.
Begging is having a dependent mindset on people, it is when your survival in life is tied to a person(s) or thing(s).  Beggars on the street don't think of how they can be creative so that they can be independent of others financially.
You are a beggar when you always ask people to help you to take care of your daily needs because you don't want to develop the capacity to be financially independent.
You are a beggar when you ask always for money to feed not money to invest in a business so you can create wealth.
You are a beggar when you always run to wealthy people so they can give you peanut.
God did not create beggars, you are created to be prosperous.

No one can succeed alone. Your capacity to form and maintain right relationships is your capital in life. Relationship are costly. Be wise! - Korede Komaiya.

This is the act of posing a question or making a request or petition. To say something in order to get an answer or some information or to invite (someone) to one's home or a function.
Asking is very important in the fulfillment of purpose and destiny. It is only those that ask questions that demand answers. Asking does not make you dependent on people. You know what you want from life and what you want to do with your life, unlike the beggar that does not know what he wants in life, he does not even use his thinking cap.
You can ask for direction from someone when you don't know where you are going. Not to ask is a display of pride which will cost your time, talent  and resources.
You can ask for financial help to start a business or to foot a bill this is if you are experiencing financial crisis. Don't allow people to keep giving you.

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He who keeps giving you will keep leading you.

You don't ask anybody or everybody you meet for financial help or favour, the people you should ask for help should be people with a track record trust.

A partnership is an arrangement where parties, known as partners agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests. The partners in a partnership maybe individuals, government, schools, interest-based organisation or combinations of organisations may partner to increase the likelihood of each  achieving their mission and to amplify their reach.  A partnership result in issuing and holding equity or may be only governed by a contract- Wikipedia
You need partners in fulfilling your purpose in life, you don't have everything you need in the fulfillment of purpose an d destiny. You may have a business idea but don't have the capital to start up. You need to partner with someone who has the capital so you can begin the business.

No man is an island; recognize, maximize and celebrate the gift in others.

Dependent       Attitude
Independent     Attitude
Interdependent Attitude

Don't be a beggar you can ask, those who ask receive
Don't be a beggar, partner with people in the fulfillment of your dreams. One will chase a thousand and two will chase ten thousand to flight (Deu 32:30). You alone can go fast but with a team you can go far.

God wants us to ask and partner with people, but with whom and when should you is a very important question that your relationship with God can help you to reveal. Many have asked for help and have partnered with someone that turned their lives and destiny around negatively.

You can accept Him now if you have not done so. If you will like to do this, please say this prayer:
Lord Jesus Christ I acknowledge that I am a sinner, I believe in your death and resurrection. I ask you to forgive me my sins, I reject the devil and all his works and l welcome the Holy Spirit into my life. I declare today I am born again and I am a child of God in Jesus name. Amen.
If you just said that prayer I welcome you to God's family. Look for a Bible believing church where God's word is taught and fellowship there.
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