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I am proud to say that I married a poor man. Yes, I am so proud I did. Like so many ladies in this generation who want to get married to a rich and already made man that are not willing to contribute as an asset to the future of this man. Please note that I am not against marrying a wealthy man, if God gives you one then good for you. What I am against is a lady saying that she can never marry a poor man, some even make declarations such as "over their dead body will they marry a poor man". They say that they don't want to suffer oh, that they have suffered enough in their Father's house they don't want to suffer again in their husband's house. Me too I did not plan want to suffer in my husband house and by the way I did not even suffer. I worked with him to build the future we desired. Let me first give you my definition of a poor man.  A man is poor when he has nothing to offer to his generation. A man is not poor because he has no money but because he has no vision in life. Let me share my story with you... 

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I came from a very wealthy home and I met the man of my dreams at the age of 21 while he was 25, he just graduated from  the University and  I was still in school as a 200 level student. At this time he had nothing doing, he came from a very poor home and he struggled his way through the University. After his NYSC he was looking for a job,  he went to submit his CV to so many companies and went for so many interviews but no job was forth coming and he had no money to the extent that I had to sponsor him for most of the interviews he went for, he hardly asked me to, you know this men ego sometimes... I was always willing to support him and look for needs to help him meet even when he doesn't ask of me, this I do with utmost honour and respect for him. I love him for who he is and I was so excited about his future whenever he shares it with me, I was not in a relationship with him because of his present financial status. As a young lady I have learnt that the worth of a man is not in how much is in his bank account but his worth is in his  vision and his dedication to see his vision become a reality. I held unto his vision as they became part of me because I am now a part of his life and I know that God has led us into this relationship which at this stage was headed for marriage and I was willing to play my role as a helper to him. I also believed that me coming to his life as a woman is to bring favour to him (Proverbs 18:22) I was not willing to live a life of struggle because I know we are both blessed because we are the seed of Abraham.
When no job was forth coming he prayed for direction from God and God led him to  start a farm, he started on a small scale, we both made the plans and did research on poultry farming. So with us having the information we needed we started to farm, though it wasn't easy but we knew the hand of God was upon us and all we do we shall prosper (Psalm 1:3). He was very diligent in his business and we both worked as a team even though at this time I was in my final year in the University. Team work is one necessary ingredient in marriage that most couple lack, the husband does things his own way without consulting his wife, vice versa. We were not married but we knew that for us to succeed together we must be one, we must be a team that aims at wining and we win for each other not one wins and the other loses. Our poultry business prospered greatly because God led him to the business and His hands was on it. In two years we already had 20 staff and our poultry was now in a large scale as we were now in a land we owned, money was coming from all directions we did not go begging or borrowing, God supplied all our needs. We saw our poultry as a ministry and we did it for his honour and he prospered us beyond our expectations. 

We married when he was 30 and I was  26 years old. At this time he already owned two big poultry and fish farms. Well, we married and started our lives in the house he built, he had a car  and on my 26th birthday he bought me a car just before we married. He loves me so dearly, he always call me the queen of his empire even when he had nothing...
We have been married for 20 years now and he is a multi billionaire with  a conglomerate of companies all over Nigeria and in 25  nations of the world and we are still counting our blessings. Our first date was at a local food court then in school but now he takes me to the best of eateries around the world. I can go to any country around the world I choose to, though my husband will give  me the go ahead because I have to ask him first, I am still a submissive wife to him and he loves me just as Christ loves the church despite the wealth and influence we are enjoying. We are each other's best friend...

Now my advice to young ladies:

  • Don't  judge a man based on where he is but judge him based on where he is going. Does he have a vision that you can be a helper to him?

  • Don't be a lazy woman who does not want to toil, take away those artificial nails that will hinder you from working. Work! Work!! Work!!! Work with man of your dreams to build the future you both desire. Make the man of your dreams, be an asset to him that he will not be willing to let go.

  • My dear, I know you have had a terrible financial struggle while growing up and now you met a man who is in love with you but he is poor. So what do you do, throw him away? No! The God that brought both of you together will make a way as you both follow him and work based on His principles. His plan is for you to prosper financially and be a blessing to others. If you go for the man that is wealthy and is using his wealth as a bait to get you, you will be in trouble for life. The suffering you are running from you will meet it and this type will be very frustrating for the following reasons:
1.      He looks at his house and says the next " thing " I need is a wife. So he marries you. He sees you as a liability, you are not an asset to him. You always demand from him but you don't add to him. This will make him not to treasure you.
2.      He makes you a full time house wife, he does not allow you to do anything. So you are in bondage that you cannot fulfill your purpose in life. Deep down you know that you are not living a fulfilled life  despite you are wealthy and everything is at your beck and call.
3.      Your creative and innovative ability becomes a treat to him.
4.      Your relationship with him could just be based on husband and wife, you may not be the best friend he has because he does not think you are matured enough to handle some business discussions and decisions. This means that there are some persons who is more important that you and he will have to spend more time with them as they add more value to his future and the fulfillment of his dreams. Don't complain if he is always coming late or is always not at home because he has gone to meet his "clique."
5.      You will not be able to bond very well with your husband and there will secrets that he will keep from you that you ought to know. Your level of partnership and communication as a couple will be very poor.

My dear young lady,  I am proud to say again that I married a poor man and built an empire with him. Don't go for guys because of their wealthy, go for love. What if he suddenly losses all his wealth, can he in few years time rise up to become prosperous again, so think of what is in his head ( his vision). Go for a man that has a vision.

Dear don't be a lady that dependence on his future husband man to survive in life. You can be very prosperous before your husband even comes. No matter the financial status of the man you marry, have the mindset of being a great asset to him.  Be an independent woman, look for something to do with your life so that you can be an asset to your husband and both of you will be interdependent on each other. 

My Dear, as a single lady start maximizing the potentials in you and begin to fulfill your purpose in life, you don't need your husband to come so you can do this, start doing it now! Don't put your life on hold because of your prince charming that has not arrived from...lol.

I love and celebrate you.


There is a void in every man that wealth, fame, social status, sex, drink, fun and the likes can't fill.  It is only God that can fill that void, what is that void that is missing? It is the absence JESUS IN YOUR LIFE AND ALL HE OFFERS such as peace, love, righteousness and joy in the Holy Ghost.  You have taken the wheel of your life all by yourself and like Peter you have caught nothing with your life, this is the time to allow Jesus Christ into your boat (life)  so he can help you to catch the fullness of life in him that gives you a meaningful life on earth and defines your eternal destination.

If you want to surrender to Jesus Christ, why not say this prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ  I acknowledge that I am a sinner,  I believe in your death and resurrection.  I ask you forgive me of my sins,  I reject the devil and all his works and l welcome the Holy Spirit into my life.  I declare today I am born again and I am a child of God in Jesus name .Amen .

If you just said that prayer I welcome you to God's family. Look for a Bible believing church where God's word is taught to fellowship there.

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