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"Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established" (Proverbs 24:3). 

The desire to be in a relationship has made some ladies to force themselves on a guy.

In trying to initiate a relationship with a guy a lady tends to force herself on a guy. What do I mean by a Lady forcing herself on a guy? I mean she is pushing hard on the guy to be in a relationship with her even when the guy is not interested. She does things just to make the guy feel very uncomfortable with her presence. Her actions most times towards the guy will even make her loose the friendship if the friendship has being impacting her life positively.

"Don't allow a guy make you add flavour to his life and he doesn't see you as FAVOUR to him."

All the guy thinks is that they are just friends  and that is how he sees his relationship with her but the girl takes the friendship to a whole new level that the guy is not interested in.

This attitude of some ladies will do the following to them:

Make them unhappy: They will be very unhappy with the level of friendship they have, because they want something more which the guy can't see and give them now. Their being sad will hinder the flow of communication which will have an adverse effect in the friendship. This leads to heart break because her expectation is not met.
It makes them loose their worth: A lady is a Princess and to be sought after by a Prince but when a lady is going out of her way just to make a guy to be in a relationship with her, she will certainly be  losing her worth. This is where a lady because of desperation begins to fight another lady because of a guy she is in love with. A guy is not interested in a girl who comes with the mindset of " I need you ". A guy should be the one chasing after a Lady, though a Lady can show her interest in a guy but will allow him do the pushing and pursuing. When a girl begin to push a guy for a relationship he will see her as a pest instead of an asset. A guy should see a lady as someone she can't do without because of her worth.

" Don't be quick to turn your friendship into a premarital relationship as a lady. Allow the guy open that phase if he is interested. "

In a dating relationship a lady should Respond, as it is the man's God ordained role to initiate, so it is the woman's God ordained role to respond. Her response may be positive or negative, it may occur through her father, her family or words directly to her potential suitor. But whatever the circumstances, her role is as a responder, not an initiator. A guy need to learn how to lead (whether he likes it or not), a lady need to learn what it is to let a man assume spiritual leadership in the relationship — and to respond to that leadership. Ultimately, this means learning to trust God's goodness and sovereignty.

"If you have been close friends and now you are having feelings for him and there is no sign from him. It is time to redefine your relationship with him and possibly reduce your availability towards him."

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Clearly, this is not the popular secular view of the "liberated" woman's role. Hollywood's perfect woman runs with the boys, knows what she wants and is aggressive en route to getting it — especially romantically. Hilariously, Hollywood even writes these characters into period pieces, as if the normal woman at all levels of society in the 18th and 19th centuries was a post-feminist, post-sexual-revolution, "there-ain't-no-difference-between-me-and-you" libertine. But I digress.

"It is okay to date for fun but not okay to date a guy in order to initiate a relationship as a girl".

Needless to say, that is not the biblical picture of the responder. So what does this picture look like? Does this mean that a woman should never ask a man out on a first date? I think it does. Does this mean that a woman shouldn't give the guy the assurance he needs by "leaking" news of her interest to him by way of his friends? Again, I think so.
"Wait," you say. "What if I'm really interested in a man and he just isn't getting it and I need to move him along?" Don't. When men drop the ball on leadership (as we often do), it presents a temptation for the woman involved to pick up the reins and lead for him. This is no less true within marriage. Picking up the reins sets a terrible pattern that only confuses the roles in the relationship and encourages both of you to take the role of the other to the detriment of the relationship and ultimately the marriage.

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He says he is always missing you, for what reason? Your emotions should not be invested in a wrong relationship oh. My dear sister, protect your emotions! "

The Lord is sovereign. If it doesn't work out with a particular guy because he didn't step up, the Lord will cause something else to work out. He knows what is best for each of us, and all of us must learn to trust Him — especially about things that are really important to us.

"A woman is to be pursued not be the pursuer".

 A lady that chooses to woo a guy should be ready to continue in that position in the relationship/ marriage. A woman is royalty, she is a princess and deserves only the best, this is why the Bible says men love your wives and women are submit to their husbands (Ephesians 5: 23-26 ) this is the God ordained it to be. So men pursue and women prepare themselves to be pursued.

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What happens when a guy is not responding as a Christian sister? You don't force him, you pray for him that God will give him utterance to speak to you if he is shy and open his eyes to see lol. This when you have prayed and God has spoken to you about the relationship that it is going beyond just being friends. Please don't force him let him be, disturb God. I have heard of ladies who knew the guy they were going to marry before the guys came to approach them. I know of one for two  years she knew, they were in the same church but she did not go and force him, he came by himself. There are some that the brother went dating other girls and this lady knew God said he is the one and they kept waiting until he came without disrupting  his relationship with other ladies.

"No matter how shy he is, he must initiate the relationship when you play your cards well  without making him feel you are a pest to him."

I know there are some ladies who are  reading this and are surprised that a lady can accurately know who to marry to avoid her being heart broken and investing her emotions in the wrong relationship. This is based on the lady's intimate relationship with their heavenly Father, you can begin yours today.

The Lord Jesus is called the bridegroom while we the church are His bride. How did He got us into a relationship with Him? He did this by coming to die for us on the cross. He showed us unconditional love, this drawn our heart to Him and made to us surrender to Him and invite Him to be Lord of our lives. Jesus woo us and is still wooing us tso we can know Him more and more. So, He is our standard, we did not go after Him, He came to us because He loves us. A guy should pursue you because he loves you and knows he needs you in his life

"Don't forget that God is more interested in your relationship than you are interested."

You can begin a relationship now with the Lord Jesus Christ by saying this prayer:

 Lord Jesus Christ I acknowledge that I am a sinner, I believe in your death and resurrection. I ask you to forgive me my sins, I reject the devil and all his works and l welcome the Holy Spirit into my life. I declare today I am born again and I am a child of God in Jesus name .Amen .
If you just said that prayer I welcome you to God's family. Look for a Bible believing church where God's word is taught and fellowship there.

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