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"The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you, He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged" Deuteronomy 31:8

The world is full of people with great potentials and destinies that are yet to be tapped and discovered. We are all great by virtue of the Source from which we came. Because our Creator is great, then we also are great. Many do not recognize the greatness in them because of the standard they have met and the things they see people around them do. They settle for less than what their Creator has designed for them and so, live the rest of their lives as mediocres and slaves to the standard they met.

In Maximizing your potential: Part 1 and Maximizing your potential: Part 2 , we gave reasons why you have to maximize your potentials and also, on how you can become these potentials; i.e tapping the full treasures in you. But you must understand that the enemy wouldn't mess with you if you weren't somebody. Obviously, he sees your potential as a threat to his plan that is why his attack is not necessarily on the physical things you've got but on the potential you have got in you; the greatness in you which will bring about your ability to create wealth and the physical resources around you. You are responsible to guard your dreams and bring it to reality by safeguarding and protecting it from injury and loss. To do so you must understand how satan seeks to rob you of your destiny.

The enemy's methods for stealing dreams are many and varied, according to the vision and the personality of the dreamer. Let us identify some of these enemies of potential so you will recognize them for what they are, the deceiver’s activity in your life.

The Bible repeatedly states that disobedience withholds God’s blessings and rains His curses upon us. This is true because disobedience brings into our lives the natural (God-ordained) consequences of our actions. Teenagers who experiment with sex destroy the beauty of the first intimacy that is to be enjoyed between a husband and a wife, open themselves to AIDS and other diseases, and risk losing the joys of youth due to the birth of a child. They also forfeit their dreams to problems in marriage in later years, to serious illnesses and possible death, and to the responsibilities of raising a child before they have matured into the task. Jonah learned the consequences of disobedience when he boarded a ship going in the opposite direction from the city to which God was sending him. He nearly lost his life by drowning. In a similar situation, Lot’s wife, in spite of God’s commandment not to look back, sacrificed her life for one last look at the city she was fleeing from.
Disobedience always wastes potential and retards the attainment of goals. You cannot persist in disobedience and maximize your potential. To maximize your life you must submit to God’s will in everything.

2. SIN
Although the effects of disobedience and sin are similar, sin is a more basic ill because it is total rebellion against the known will of God—or to say it another way, a declaration of independence from your Source. The resulting alienation from God destroys potential because we cannot know God if we do not have His Spirit, and His Spirit is the password to unlocking our potential. Sin, in essence, says, “I know better than you do, God, how to run my life.” King David experienced the desolation and death that result from a rebellious spirit when he violated another man’s wife and tried to cover up his action by having the woman’s husband killed in battle
and taking her for his wife. The son born to David from this affair died, and David endured the agony of separation from the God he loved. What the child could have done in his lifetime was sacrificed, as were David’s energy and vitality during the months before he confessed his sin. It is no wonder David prayed: Hide Your face from my sins and blot out all my iniquity. Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Do not cast me from Your presence or take Your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of Your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me (Psalm 51:9-12).

Destroying your relationship with God through sin is always suicide. You cannot become who God created you to be if you persist in rebelling against Him. Without God’s Spirit living and working in you, you will die with your potential. Sin caps the well of your potential. To maximize your life you must avoid compromise with

Fear is having faith in the impossible. It is dwelling on all that could go wrong instead of what will go right. If we keep focusing on all that will go wrong, then we cannot possibly maximize our potentials because our dreams are always beyond us and so; we need to walk in faith and have faith in God in order to maximize our potentials as He leads us to. If we live in fear, we indirectly tell God that we don't trust Him.

Most things worth having require patience and perseverance. No athlete win a race the first time he runs. Many discouraging moments exist between an initial experience and the perfecting of a skill. Unfortunately, much potential is sacrificed on the altar of discouragement. Those who are under command—military command, for
example—just do what they are told. No matter how they feel about the command, they just obey it. You must respond the same way to God’s commands. Even if you are feeling discouraged about completing the task, you must start it. Do what needs to be done no matter how difficult or impossible God’s commands feel. Then discouragement will have no opportunity to destroy your potential. To maximize your life you
must neutralize discouragement with hope.

How many times have you delayed so long in making a decision that it was made for you, or in completing a project that it was too late for your intended purpose? Most of us do this more often than we’d like to admit.
Procrastination, the delaying of action until a later time, kills potential. The Israelites discovered this when they found many reasons why they couldn’t obey God and enter the land He was giving them. When they saw that the land was good, with an abundance of food, and finally decided to take the land as God had commanded them,
they discovered that the opportunity to obey God was past. Disregarding God’s warning that He would not go with them, they marched into battle and were soundly defeated. God left them alone to fight for themselves.
If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done. Procrastination often grows out of discouragement. When we become discouraged, we stop finding reasons for doing what we know we can do. Then God allows us to go our own way and suffer the consequences. Sooner or later, we will discover that we have lost much because we refused to act when God required it. Very often He will find someone else to do the job. Procrastination is a serious enemy of greatness. It eats away at the very core of our time and
motivation. To maximize your life you must destroy procrastination by eliminating all excuses and reasons for not taking action. Just do it!

Too often we are unwilling to take risks in the present because we have failed in the past. Perhaps your first business proposal didn’t win the bank’s approval, so you never started your own business, and you’re
still working for someone else. Failure is never a reason to stop trying. Indeed, failure provides another opportunity to enjoy success. The apostle Paul discovered the truth of this when he met Jesus and turned from persecuting Christ to preaching the good news of God’s salvation in Him. Paul was not unaware of his failures, but he refused to allow them to keep him from doing what he knew he could do. He believed that the God who had called him to serve Him would accomplish within and through him all that He had purposed. He trusted in a
power higher than himself. You must do the same or you will never see your full potential. Refuse to be a loser no matter how many times you lose. It is better to try and fail than never to try at all. Remember, you cannot make progress by looking in the rearview mirror. To maximize your life you must let the past be past
and leave it there.

Most of us have had the experience of sharing a great idea with friends only to have them tell us 50 reasons why it won’t work. Too often such criticism prompts us to abandon our ideas because we wanted those with whom we shared our dreams to approve of our plans. Forsaking dreams because others belittle them or say we are crazy for trying them wastes potential. So does changing our plans to suit the ideas and expectations of our family, friends, and business associates. Satan uses those closest to us, whose opinions we value, to get to our potential. He kills our vision by shaking our faith in God and our confidence in ourselves. You too must beware of allowing the opinions of others to influence your decisions. Do not trust others to work for your good. Too
often friends you thought were for you will turn against you and destroy what you have been working to accomplish. Remember, you are required to perform for an audience of one, the Lord Jesus Christ. When He applauds, then you are successful. Get your encouragement and promotion from God. Tap into the heavenly realm and receive the confirmation of your plans from Him because His opinion is the only one that counts. The opinions of others can destroy your potential if you permit them to touch your dreams and visions. To maximize your life you must declare independence from the opinions of others.

This is one of the principal enemies of maximizing potential. All of us have had the experience of walking into another room and saying, “Now, why did I come here?” We had a purpose when we decided to go into the other room, but something between our decision to go and the moment we arrived sidetracked us from our original intention. Or we may allow side interests to distract us from our main goal. Because distractions take us off course, we cannot maximize our potential if we allow ourselves to be distracted from faithfully obeying Him every step of the way. Even if God, in His love and mercy, permits us to get back on course, we cannot recover the time and effort we wasted being distracted. God is the only One who knows where you are going and what is the best way to get there. He will not send you by roundabout routes with many delays; neither will He lure you into detours and dead ends. The fulfillment of your potential is His hope and joy. To maximize your life you must stay focused on your purpose and avoid distractions through discipline.

Success is another enemy of potential. When we complete a task and quit because we think we’ve arrived, we never become all we are. If, for example, you graduate from college and teach first grade for the rest of your life when God wanted you to be a high school principal, you forfeit much of your potential because you stopped at a
preliminary success. Leave your success and go create another. That’s the only way you will release all your potential. Leave your success and go create another. Remember, satan is afraid of our potential. He knows that God created us to do something great. Therefore, he will allow us a small success and try to convince us that we have arrived. Then, we will not want to move on to greater successes. We must beware that a small success does not keep us from accomplishing our larger goal or purpose.In a similar manner, we must be careful to judge our successes by God’s standards, not the world’s. Success in the world’s eyes is not really success because the world does not know what true success is. True success is being right with God and completing His assignment
and purpose for our lives. It’s knowing God and obeying Him. Thus, we cannot succeed without discovering and doing what God asks of us. Without God, everything we do is nothing. Therefore, do not be intimidated by your lack of achievement in the world’s eyes. The power of God within you is greater than any other power. When you’re hooked up to God and you’re obeying His directives, you will achieve success by His standards. Refuse to allow the world’s measurements of success to encourage or discourage you because God’s standards are the only criteria that matter. Follow Him as He leads you from success to success. To maximize your life you must never allow temporary achievement to cancel eternal fulfillment.

Traditions are powerful enemies of potential because they are full of security. We don’t have to think when we do something the way we’ve always done it. Neither do we receive the incentive to grow and be creative because our new ideas may interfere with the conventional way of doing things. Say, for example, that you are hired to be a receptionist in a manufacturing company. Invoices, orders, replacement parts, personal mail, trade journals—everything comes through your desk before being distributed. Because the company is a large one, you spend much of your day sending out mail or deciding who should receive incoming mail. This prevents you from presenting the company to do what you could have done. Use your imagination. Dream big and find new ways to respond to present situations and responsibilities. Then you will uncover never-ending possibilities that inspire you to reach for continually higher achievements. We are sons of the “Creator,” who created us to be creative. Nowhere in Scripture did God repeat an identical act. Refrain from accepting or believing, “We’ve never done it that way before.” Now is the time to try something different. The release of your full potential demands that you move beyond the present traditions of your home, family, job, and church—in essence, throughout your life. To maximize your life you must be willing to release ineffective traditions for new methods.

Nutritious vegetables cannot grow in poor soil and healthy fish cannot thrive in polluted waters. Neither can we maximize our potential in a wrong environment. The apostle Paul speaks to this principle when he says, “Bad company corrupts good character” (1 Corinthians 15:33). That means, no matter how good our intentions may be, if we get in with bad company, we will eventually think and act as they do. We will not change them, they will change us. Many dreams die because they are shared with the wrong people. Joseph learned that lesson the hard way. Indeed, he landed in a pit and was sold into slavery because his brothers were jealous of their
father’s favoritism toward him and they were offended by his dreams that placed him in authority over them. This is really not so surprising because older brothers rarely enjoy being dominated by younger ones. Had Joseph kept his dreams to himself, his brothers’ resentment may not have developed into a plan to murder him.

Many parents struggle with the temptation to compare their children’s strengths and weaknesses with the skills and temperaments of other children. This tendency to compare can be lethal to potential because it may produce either discouragement or false pride. Both prevent us from becoming all we can be. Discouragement keeps us
from trying new things because we lack the confidence that we can succeed. False pride short-circuits our potential by giving us the illusion that we have arrived. If, for example, you compare yourself to an artist who paints beautiful landscapes and bemoan your lack of artistic ability, you may never discover that you have a knack for arranging flowers into pleasing bouquets.

Satan has a way of snuffing out our great dreams by causing us to compromise. Most often this occurs because we give in to opposition. If he can’t stop us, he’ll push us to make a deal that is not God’s deal. Then we have no hope of attaining our goal because we are trying to accomplish our God-given vision with human values and specifications. Opposition is natural to life and necessary for flight. If everyone agrees with your dream, it’s probably a nightmare. Let’s say God gives you a vision to establish an adoption agency to place orphans of war. Because you don’t raise the funding as quickly as you had hoped, you become impatient and look for additional sources of revenue. When a local businessman offers his support, you eagerly accept his gifts. To fulfill your vision in life you will have to go against popular opinion and not let opposition get you off track.

Finally, pressure from society’s standards and expectations is a threat to potential. The word society comes from the same Latin root as the word social, meaning “a companion,” and ends with the suffix ity, which means “the state or condition of something.” Thus, society means “the condition of being companions” and refers to the
people we frequently associate with. The people we associate with, if they make judgments based on age, race, financial status, ancestry, and education, may pressure us to relinquish a dream because they do not believe we can accomplish it: “Your daddy was nothing, so I don’t expect that you’ll amount to anything either.” “You’re going to start a business at your age? That’s for young people to do.” Pressure from these people we live daily with can abort potentials and prevent you from tapping the hidden talents in you.

Dear, these have been mentioned in order that you recognize these enemies when they come creeping in to your fulfilling purpose. You are bigger than you think and can achieve more than what you can imagine. Don't let the enemy have his way into stealing and stopping you from maximizing your potential. That would be his greatest Joy! Protect and safeguard your potentials. If you are not acquainted with your Source, you will lack the wisdom to tap the hidden wealth in you and also, to protect and safeguard these treasures. Remember that power and authority belongs to Jesus and so, you have power and authority to fulfill and walk in your purpose.

You can begin a relationship now with the Lord Jesus Christ by saying this prayer:

 Lord Jesus Christ I acknowledge that I am a sinner, I believe in your death and resurrection. I ask you to forgive me my sins, I reject the devil and all his works and l welcome the Holy Spirit into my life. I declare today I am born again and I am a child of God in Jesus name .Amen .
If you just said that prayer I welcome you to God's family. Look for a Bible believing church where God's word is taught and fellowship there.

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