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Winning a man's heart is not through his stomach or sex as many people believe. A man loves to eat good food but you can't win him just by giving him food to eat. You can be a very good cook, the guy always eat your delicious meal yet you have not won his heart. 

The fact he had sex with you and has made you his private sex worker that is not paid does not make you to win his heart. You are in his life for fun and when he wants to settle down he goes for the person that wins his heart, yes he seeks for a virtuous lady. It is true he tells you he loves you everyday, don't forget he knows that the power to keep you with him is in his tongue, so he knows what to say to press your button to do what he wants.

A girl was in a relationship with a guy for more than 5 years she gave him everything, but one day she was surprised to see the guys wedding invitation card with a friend. He never told her he was going to get married to someone  else not her, all these years and the girl has been awaiting for proposal oh. He left her heart broken and married someone else. Ladies be smart and spiritually sensitive!

"A man of  worth does not need a sex mate but a soulmate to fulfill his destiny".

He is still browsing your website to know how capable you are to partner with his life's vision. He wants to know the kind of wife and mother you will be to him and his children. He wants to see how you relate with people, if you can handle his foreign guest that will come to visit him at home or if you will drive them away with your bad attitude.

The bottom line is that only a man that has no vision you can win his heart through food and sex.

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A man of worth can only be won when you do the following:


"For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light" (Luke 8:17 KJV).

It was the modest character of Ruth that attracted Boaz to her in the bible. Your physical appearance can attract a guy to you but your character is what draws the attention of a guy into a relationship with you. So what are some of the character traits that can attract you into a relationship with a man?
They are:

1. Be loving: 

"A woman should first be in love with God so he can unconditionally love a man as God unconditionally loves her. The more love she receives from God the more love she gives to others".

 Love has to do with sacrifice, it is best defined by actions but confessed with words through the lips to proof certainty. He wants to know the extent to which you love him. If you love him, are you concerned about his dreams do you try to look for a way to help him fulfill his dreams even when he doesn't ask you to? Are you concerned about him not what he has become? You win a man's heart by the unconditional love you shower on him, this makes you special in his heart even when other girls are trying to win his heart, he goes for you.

2. Be kind: By this I mean he is always favoured by you, just like Boaz favoured Ruth in his farm, giving her special treatment among the other ladies in his farm. You can go an extra mile for him, just because you love him. What you will not do for other people in the same situation, you do for him because you love him.

" Don't try to win him by telling lies, one lie will manufacture many lies and when the truth is finally revealed you will end up heart broken, it may take time for the truth to be revealed but it certainly will be revealed ".

3. Have a cheerful Countenance:  A man does not want to marry a woman who carries a long face.  Your facial expression can be a magnet that attracts people to you or scare people from you. Always smile, your smile can calm him down in the midst of storms and when he comes back stressed out. Your smile will make him want to spend time with you, because you lit him up any time he is with you.

4. Stay Humble: Let go of thinking so much of you that you think less of others. Things will not have to always go the way you want it, if it goes his way don't back out and say to him you are alone, so do it yourself. A man does not wants to marry a woman that loves to nag and will not submit to Him. Allow him be the leader of the relationship, don't force him to do things against his will because it will favour you. Be humble and you will celebrated.

6. Be Respectful: Respect is one of the foundation of successful relationships, where respect is missing the relationship will begin to loose its value in the life of the couple. They will not love and value each other. Respect entails you to speak with him in wisdom. Respect tells you not to insult him for any reason. It tells you to honour him even when you don't feel like honouring him because of  his actions to you. Respect is a secret to maintaining a healthy relationship. Respect him when he is both wise and foolish. When you choose not to respect him when he acts foolish and you continue with him in his folly you should be ready to bear the consequence of whatever happens. When you respect him in his folly he will one day come back like the prodigal son and apologize to  you. Be respectful to him, his friends and family members. Respect will win you his heart and will make you honoured by God, and man.

" Invest in yourself! The more investment you make in yourself, the more value you will add to him and your relationship. "

7. Be hardworking: A man of worth does not want to marry a liability and bring her to his empire, she will have no value to add to his empire except making demands of the things she needs. Have something doing, don't stay idol and be snap chatting at home. Think of what you can do, go and learn a skill, develop your talent and invest in your mind. You will win his heart when you are hard working, because he will not be afraid of financial mismanagement in his home. When you are hardworking you are an asset he doesn't want to loose, he better loose his multimillion company than loose you because he knows with you he can build more companies that will change the world and make life better.

"Don't forget a man needs a soul mate, someone who they can partner together in life and destiny".


"Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies" (Proverbs 31:10 KJV).

Your worth has to do with who you are, your believes and values. It has to do with what you want to become and you are walking towards that dream. A research was conducted on what attracts a man to a woman, it was discovered that men are attracted to women that believe in themselves, because they have self esteem.

They love their skin colour,  height, body shape, teeth, nose etc. They don't need a man to love them so they can feel loved and good about who God has made them to be.

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You are devaluing yourself when you think you can win his heart by sex. When you do that his value for you begin to depreciate, the way he was treating you when you have not had sex with him will be different with the way he treats you when he has eaten the forbidden fruit. He will go ahead to abuse you physically and emotionally, he will mock you before his friends and call you all manner of names to make you feel worthless.

You win a man's heart when you know your worth, you make him know you have a YES and NO and you are not willing to comprise your values because of him. You will not do evil because you love him... Don't make him feel that he is doing you a favour because you are in a relationship with him, both of you should need each other in the relationship, if it is other wise then let him go and allow the person that will value you come. You are too precious to allow any guy toy with your heart and destroy your destiny.

A man of worth wants to marry a girl who know her worth. A girl who has confidence not doing things to please him at the expense of her glorious destiny and eternity. He wants a girl who has a say in issues and will respectful buttress her apposing opinion to him without disrespecting him and they will both come to a compromise at the end of the discussion.

"Act in ways that make him feel he needs you in His life. Allow him come to you, don't force him. You may loose your respect and value trying to force him. If he loves  you, he will come for you at all cost. You are a Princess and your worth is Priceless."

You are a woman of worth and deserve a man of worth. No matter the circumstances of your life today your future has a higher worth, so protect it from men who are destiny killers.

You can begin a relationship now with the Lord Jesus Christ who loves you more than anyone on earth and will lead you to a man who will value you by saying this prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ  I acknowledge that I am a sinner,  I believe in your death and resurrection.  I ask you forgive me my sins,  I reject the devil and all his works and l welcome the Holy Spirit into my life.  I declare today I am born again and I am a child of God in Jesus name. Amen.

If you just said that prayer I welcome you to God's family. Look for a Bible believing church where God's word is taught and fellowship there.
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Do have a blessed day... You are Blessed!

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