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Everybody is doing it does not mean you should do it, you are somebody unique and special, you are not everybody.

"Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful (Psalms 1:1)."

Who is your friend and who you go to for advice matters to your life and destiny . If you choose the wrong friends you will become the wrong person. Your choice of friendship and people who advice you is based on who you are and what you represent on earth. A person who is of God should have people of like minds as his associates.

An Ant cannot advice an Elephant on how to live, they both have different mindset and lifestyle. This is the same reason as a believer you should not seek advice from people that are unbelievers on how to live. Our opening verse says Blessed is the man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, which means a man is Blessed when he walks with the righteous and can place a curse on himself by living a life opposite God's purpose for him when he moves with the ungodly.

A friend tells you that there is nothing wrong with premarital sex as far as both of you agree to it and will certainly get married and you consent to it. This counsel is an evil counsel, it is not from God. This is not seen in the constitution of the kingdom of God (the Bible) of which you are an Ambassador if you have given your life to Jesus Christ. If you have not given your life to Jesus as you read we will invite you to give your life to Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus loves you more than you love yourself.

I share with you the story of a Lady who is about 37years of age and she is not married. A friend advised her that since a husband is not coming that she should look for any man to just impregnate her since she will like to have her own babies. He wants her to get pregnant outside marriage because her biological clock was ticking and she will soon approach menopause. To some persons this advice would be a nice one coming from a nice friend who is concerned about her well being, but this advice is not from God. The Bible reveals to us the will of God concerning sexual relationship that it is exclusively reserved for marriage.

Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge (Hebrews 13:4).

We don't obey God as His children only when things are good for us, or when we feel it is appropriate. Our obedience to Him even in the midst of trials is an expression of our Trust in His ability to help us, not withstanding what anyone has to say about our stand in God.

"The wrong counsel will cause you pain and regret, the right counsel will make you wise and live victoriously. "

If sex is done as a single boy or girl it is called fornication while if it is done by a person who is married it is called adultery. No matter what society says or does that looks attractive, good, seductive and enticing but if it is against God's will, it is wrong and from the devil.

Friend, no matter the pressure of life you face you should put your trust in God. God is more than able to help you, He can rewrite every ugly story in your life to a beautiful story. He made a woman Sarah who was called barren to  be a mother at 90years. He made Joseph who was betrayed by  his own blood brothers to become a Prime Minister in a foreign land... He can make from you something great out of nothing. He can make sense out of nonsense. He is interested in your future more you are interested in it.

"God does what looks impossible to man making it possible."

Trust in God not in yourself or in any man. Today in our world there are so many ungodly voices around us from celebrities and the social media that suggests for us to live in an ungodly way, but we should choose to listen to the voice of God our Creator. This can only be achieved when we build an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus. Following the wrong association and receiving the wrong counsel can
destroy your destiny and lead you to hell.

Follow the counsel of those who follow the Lord Jesus Christ...

The fact it is popular does not mean is proper. God's will is the only proper way to live on earth.

Choose to live for Jesus Christ today and for His Glory, this is the whole essence of life.

You can begin a relationship now with the lord Jesus Christ and experience His love for you by saying this prayer:
Lord Jesus Christ I acknowledge that I am a sinner, I believe in your death and resurrection. I ask you to forgive me my sins, I reject the devil and all his works and l welcome the Holy Spirit into my life. I declare today I am born again and I am a child of God in Jesus name. Amen.
If you just said that prayer I welcome you to God's family. Look for a Bible believing church where God's word is taught and fellowship there.
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