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It is amazing how in life how we want things to go so fast based on our expectations. We want everything to fall in place and we don't want a NO for an answer. We don't to hear a WAIT from God. We don't accept a pause but want to be constantly be on play. In life journey patient is required, if you are not patient in life you will become a patient of life. This is why the one of the fruit of the Spirit is Patience.
Why do you want to go ahead of God when He tells you to wait? You are not smarter, powerful, understanding, strategic, defending, loving as God. He knows what is best for you.
Waiting on God is the secret to a life of Victory.

These are some of the reasons why God tells us to wait:

1. Waiting is Preparing: God has told you to wait because He wants to prepare you to handle the responsibility He is about to give you. When God tells you to wait in a relationship He is saying so because He wants to prepare you and even the person you may not know now for a relationship so that both of you will be a blessing to each other in Marriage. He has seen a character defect which He knows He need to work out in you if not it will destroy your marriage. He wants you to be a loving Husband and her a submissive wife based on His will for martial relationship. Don't be in a hurry to fulfill God's will, you will end up in a sorry state.  God has told you that you will be a King like He told the Shepherd boy (David). He needs to process and prepare you from being a Shepherd boy to becoming a King (Shepherd of Israel). Stop trying to jump processes. You can't kill King Saul and take the throne to become King David and enjoy your reign, allow God take you to the throne by Himself, only then you will find fulfillment. Allow God  lead you to the relationship, you don't have to destroy someone's relationship and in that same foundation expect to build a loving and healthy relationship that has God's backing.

2. Waiting is gaining: The bible says those who wait on the lord will renew their strength.David was a warrior but He did not fight a battle without enquiring from God if to go or not. As far as God gave Him the go ahead to fight the battle God was with Him and he was always Victorious.
In waiting you gain strength to overcome challenges that will come to you on the path to fulfilling God's purpose for your life. When God says wait He says stay in my presence let me empower and strengthen you. He wants to empower you in knowledge, wisdom, love, understanding... You have been heart broken, He says wait  let me heal your heart before thinking of another relationship. God is your Strength, but can only Strengthen you when you wait on Him not when you are seeking other options. Those who wait on God never rust in life.

3. Waiting is Timing: The Bible says that there is time for everything and God makes everything beautiful in His time. Your timing for getting married is not mine and when God tells you wait He knows the perfect timing for you. Most times we discover that we have the capacity to make something work and then go head to make if work, but we are not concerned about God's timing. The fact you open a door for yourself does not mean it was an open door from God, the devil can cause a door to open because through that open door he wants to destroy you. God's timing makes you to walk in friendship until He tells you to move into a relationship, not because if you want to ask the person about a relationship they will say no, but because you want to honour God in your relationship and receive His backing. One thing you must know that in God's timing you experience Grace, you don't begin to struggle to make things work. You will experience the love, joy and peace you need.
Friends, let's trust in God's timing for our lives. This is how we win like the men of Issachar who understood the times and seasons...

Trusting in God's Timing for a Relationship is one thing most married couple wish they knew before getting married. If they knew this, their emotions will not decide their choice but the motions of the Holy Spirit in their heart. Most of them are living in regret and wish to be single while married. Singles let's be wise and allow God lead us in our choice for a life partner.

You are Blessed to flourish.

Get acquainted with God today, He is the one whose love for you is not based on your actions but based on his lovely heart towards you. He did not fall in love with you but walks in love with you to the extent of dying on the Cross for you.

You can begin a relationship now with the lord Jesus Christ and experience His love for you by saying this prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ I acknowledge that I am a sinner, I believe in your death and resurrection. I ask you to forgive me my sins, I reject the devil and all his works and l welcome the Holy Spirit into my life. I declare today I am born again and I am a child of God in Jesus name. Amen.

If you just said that prayer I welcome you to God's family. Look for a Bible believing church where God's word is taught and fellowship there.
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