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"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose".Romans 8:28

To my beautiful ladies and gentlemen; I greet you all. It's blessed indeed to always be here and I know that you will be impacted positively as you enlighten your minds here! Remember in life, the battle is always won or lost in the mind! Once you are victorious in your mind, you have gained victory in life; that is why fulfill purpose blog is always here to feed your mind with great and outstanding realities concerning your life. Enjoy as you read...

   There is no room for pessimism in God's agenda. As a believer of God and of His Word that you are, God expects you to believe that ALL things will work together for your good. It does not matter how smooth or rough your life has been. Research has shown that the phrase "do not be afraid" appears 365 times in the Bible; so we have a daily dose of it everyday as God tells us each day through His Word that we should not be afraid. So why fret? Why think negative? Why worry about your future? Remember as a man thinks, so is He. Choose to be optimistic. Choose to think positive.

You have to trust God and know that He loves you more than what you think.

Right believing leads to right thinking which now leads to right living.You should understand as a human being that God loves you. We are told in Romans 5:8 that God shows His love for us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. You see, it's not even because we are good or righteous that we have received Love from our Creator; but because of who He is. So we're very privileged that we have a loving Father.  He loves you. He loves you more than any human being can love you. Ask of Him and He will grant to you because He loves you. He cherishes you. His Word says that you are the apple of His eyes. His Word says you should cast your anxieties on Him because He cares about you. He loves you so much and will not let you or watch you slip off His Palm.

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Don't be afraid. He will keep you and uphold you. That problem you think is so much for you and you have committed unto His hands, have the assurance and believe in your heart that because He loves you, He will attend to your plea and rescue you because His love never fails. His Word says, "I will not fail you nor forsake you" and also, "Cast you anxieties on me for I care about you". His Word is TRUE and LIVING/ALIVE.

Because you trust Him and His Word and have made the attempt to cast your burden on Him, know that He will hear you because He loves you. The Bible says "His love for us is strong". Don't think that His love for you is restricted only to your spiritual well being as saving you from sin and death; also know that His love covers every aspect of your life, your needs; physically, emotionally, academically, financially, as regards your relationships and marriage in all areas that concerns you; not just your soul but also your life in this world. Just trust Him. Put your trust in Him and He will not let you down. The Bible says in psalm 34: " This lowly one called and the Lord heard him". God is faithful to His Word; and loving and He will hear you also. Be still and know that He is God! Have the right mindset and outlook on life. God did not create you and gave you life to live on this earth so you can suffer; that is why Jesus says "Peace I leave with you;my peace I give to you". It's His Peace that He desires for us here on earth. His plans for us are good. Believe! And you will receive! If you don't believe and have a positive attitude towards life, you may actually and really end up in misery; because your attitude determines your altitude in life!


Rely on God's Word and embrace all the promises He has for you in there. Trust your unknown future to a known God and watch Him do wonders in your life! You are loved. #staypositive.

Fulfill purpose blog is always here to reveal God's will for your life, making you live right and in line with your Creator's mandate for your life in areas such as building healthy relationships, self development, love, and living a purposeful fulfilled life!

Have a great day; God bless you! But before I end my note here, this goes out to anyone who has not the conviction in his heart that Jesus Christ is Lord of his life. I'd like you to say this prayer:

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for loving me just as I am . I recognize the sinner that I am , this is why I come before you to cleanse me with your blood and send your Spirit into my life to empower me to live for you. I declare today that I am born again and proudly a child of God.

 Jesus Christ is the best friend you can ever have .

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