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 "Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his ways? by taking heed thereto according to thy word" (Psalm 119:9).

 She is a lovely, gorgeous, attractive and beautiful young lady at the age of 17, she is the admiration of so many guys in her school. She loves God and is a worker in her campus fellowship. She is smart and very intelligent but she has a very serious problem that she sees as a shame to tell anyone. If she mentions it to her friends, they will see her as worldly and needs deliverance as a demon spirit is working in her, maybe a spirit husband (laugh). She can't tell her Pastor or the men of God around her because they will see her as the daughter of Jezebel coming to tempt them, hmm na wa. She can't even tell her parents they will beat a hell out of her, because they believe such is unholy. You will agree with me, her parents are 16th Century Christian, o boy their spirituality nor be here. Biko, it looks like a secret sin that she wants to confess oh... She cries at night to God as everyone in society is against her asking why she was under such demonic influence... Can this be true? Oh, I am sorry for not telling you what my pretty lady is going through. She discovered that she always have feelings for guys that makes her always think of them and wants to be with them. She finds herself to be sexually, emotionally, spiritually and physically attracted to guys. This is the issue she was told she needs deliverance from in her church.

 This is the confusion and frustration of man young people in this digital world as they call it. That many have made very wrong decisions not knowing God's will in their feelings. The church don't teach our young people this, all we are told to is to flee from the opposite sex like Joseph but we have no knowledge of what we are to flee from, hmmmm... Is having feelings for the opposite Sex a sin? When God made man in the beginning He said what He created is Good, this includes how you feel when you see the opposite sex. It is God that gives you the feeling and the ability to feel. It is not demonic neither was it given by the devil. The devil only makes it very attractive because if he can get your emotions uncontrolled, he can control your life against God's will for you .

 This is the same thing he is doing with sex that he makes it look like what is unholy. Feeling is only a sin when it is used against the will of God to manipulate lives and destinies to ruin and destruction. God gave you the ability to feel for a purpose, for Him it is not a mistake. You are wired to react the way you do when you meet the opposite sex. If you have never had such feelings then it is you that needs deliverance...you are not fulfilling prophecy (laugh). What is the purpose of this feelings? Everything has a purpose ( Eccl 3:1), including the eyes you are using to read this post. So, the purpose of God for our feelings is to connect us as a link with people. When you go to the shopping mall, a beautiful product draws your attention to it that you have not seen before, though it was not in your budget you will buy it because you know you need the product after reading about the product. This is what feelings does to us, it attracts us to people that will help us fulfill destiny, then upon attraction you will study them to know if there is anything you have in common? You look at their character, can they be your friend? Feelings brings you to your destiny helpers and I will not forget that it is a powerful means of connecting with your future spouse.
 What do I do when I have uncontrolled feelings for the opposite sex?
 When I was a teenager and was having this experience, I believed that it was an evil spirit doing me something... I fasted, prayed and casted the demons but after praying it does not go. If I still see the girl it will be increasing...

 I asked God what to do then He told me the following, this has helped from my teens to my twenties now. They are:

 1. Subject your feelings under control: He told me that I must test every feeling and allow the Holy Spirit to Help me and He revealed that one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit works in me and this is the fruit of Self control (Gal 5:22-23), which I must always pray for. This means that I must constantly feed on the word of God for my nourishment

 2. Discover the purpose: Why are you drawn to them? What impact do you want to make in their life? What impact can they make in your life? What do you want from them? Are you in lust? These are powerful questions we need to ask ourselves before getting close to a member of the opposite sex. If they are not from true Godly motive then we have to stop, until we have true motives before we end up living in sin. He taught me to focus on the purpose of my relationship with them and take my feelings aside. Feeling is unstable like the weather, it comes and goes . When the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable says Myles Munroe. When you can' t find purpose you better wait for your own good, don' t go because they are beautiful . What will your discussion be about, her beautiful face abi ? Na beautiful eyes you wan chop? Is it his six packs that will help you fulfill destiny?

C . Lewis said friends walk side by side because friendship is built on common interests, they look towards achieving a goal . This is the purpose of friendship , common purpose or interest. But lovers face each other as the purpose is to build intimacy, know more about each other.

 3 . Be prayerful and allow the Holy Spirit lead you (Philp 4 :6 ): Test your feelings with time in prayers , don 't rush it, discover God's will for your friendship, walk in it under the direction of the Holy Spirit . My dear what you feel is not unholy, neither does it mean that every feeling will lead to marriage especially if the experience has been strong and long , like I had for years with someone. God can be saying something different, like a long term friendship , you both working for his purpose. ..Just stay led by the Holy Spirit. He will not lead you amiss. The only way for God to lead you and help you in choosing the right people is for you to invite Him into your life as Lord and Savior.

You can do that right now by saying this prayer: Dear Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for loving me just as I am . I recognize the sinner that I am , this is why I come before you to cleanse me with your blood and send your Spirit into my life to empower me to live for you. I declare today that I am born again and proudly a child of God. Jesus Christ is the best friend you can ever have. Please let me know of your decision @ fulfillpurposeblog@gmail.com. Follow us: Twitter: @fulfillpurpose _ Instagram : markblessing_ Facebook : Fulfill purpose blog Please drop your comments. Thanks. Thanks for Reading. Keep living a purposeful life in Christ Jesus. God loves you dearly.

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