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"For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows" (1 Timothy 6:10).

Money is very essential in a relationship, but the rate at which most girls see money as the top notch priority in a relationship is cataclysmic. The reason you love a person is the driving force in your relationship. Most girls love a guy because he is wealthy and most Guys want to become very wealthy before they get married. Well, there is nothing wrong with having money but the problem is when money is the dominant factor in your quest for a relationship.

"Money is not the only essential requirement for you to build a relationship. "

This has led to a high level of individuality in most marriages where couples don't enjoy each others company despite the money they have acquired. They live together but they live apart from each other, they don't do anything in common to spice their relationship. Check, most divorce couples did not divorce because of lack of money but mainly because of compactibility issues. I am not in any way encouraging poverty in a relationship. I believe in prosperity in a relationship, we must walk towards prosperity, this is God's will for us. I was inspired to write this post after I heard the discussion of two married men, one was successful financially but the other wasn't. The man who was not successful in his finances believes that his wife doesn't love him because he does not have money. This man is very hard working and diligent in business but lacks financial management. The unsuccessful man was saying that a guy should not marry a girl when he does not have money, if he does the girl won't respect him. The successful man had to counter that ideology, because he married when he was not wealthy and today he is wealthy as a result of the fact he and his wife worked together as a team to build their wealth.
The problem of the unsuccessful man is that he is autocratic, he does not work as a team with his wife. He does the planning and everything alone and he is not open to suggestions from his wife. He then expects his wife to execute the plans which does not go well with her. She has a gift in management which the husband fails to realize and utilize this gift in his wife thereby allowing her manage his finances. This is the reason this man is still poor and broke, because he has refused to work as a team with his wife.

Relationship is about two people building a future together not individually, when they privatize their lives, they will not enjoy each other's company. They should build their lives the way they want it, this entails building each other physically, spiritually, financially, socially and emotionally. This is for their mutual good in the relationship. You can build wealth together and you invest in each other, go for vacation, eat in an eatery of your choice with no financial constraint, help orphans and less privilege, buy gifts, etc.

So what should I look for in a guy before stepping into a relationship with Him:

His love for God:
This guy can't love you unconditionally if he has not receive this love from God. He should have the fear of God in Him. He should love to spend time with God before he spends time with you. This guides his way of life, because he lives according to the laws of God. He is born again and does not conform to the system of this world but to the system of God's word ( Roman 12:1-2).
His love for you:
If a guy does not love you and you don't love him, there is no need for the relationship. Love is what births a relationship. He should be passionate towards you. He should make you feel better. He should be someone you always want to spend time with. He should be someone who truly cares for you. He should be able to tolerate your weakness and celebrate your strength. He should not love you because of what he sees, but for who you are. (1John 3:16).

His Character:
This is the quality of his personality, how he handles people and circumstances in his life. Does he respect and honour people? Does he have integrity? Is he always angry? There are so many things to watch out for here.

His Vision:
Does he have a vision? What does he want to achieve on earth? Where is he going to? Does he have the capacity to lead you? Do you see yourself fit into who he wants to become in future?
Most guys have great dreams but are not working towards it. They wake up at 10am in the morning, then the next thing is to play mobile games, watch movies and then end their day on social media depending on their parents to meet their needs. They are lazy and irresponsible guys, they have no where to lead you. They have No Future Ambition (Nifites). Run from these kind of guys, they will waste your time and ruin your life if you are not careful.

A guy who has a vision, though presently he does not have the wealth you desire now. You should know that it is just a matter of time he will certainly become wealthy as far as he is living based on the principles of hard work and diligence to his dreams. You are also there to work with him as a team he will surely succeed. Life is in stages men are in sizes. As a lady you are a carrier of favour remember this always.
My number one mentors in marriage are Dr Paul and Dr Mrs Becky Enenche. This couple are amazing; the love and respect they have for each other is superb. Dr Mrs Becky once said if she had allowed the then present status of her husband to be factor to say YES to his proposal, she would have been regretting by now for not saying yes to him. Seeing how God has tremendously blessed their marriage and their ministry. God has raised them from zero to hero. Today they are both respected public figures in the world.

You have no right to sit beside him now that he is a somebody, because you were not there when he was a nobody.
The David you refuse to honour now that he is a servant you can't expect to honour you when he becomes a king.
Stop being materialistic, you will end up paying a great price for your joy and peace in the future.
Stop looking for an already made man, you may end up being a remote control wife to him in his house. It is better you make your own guy to your taste, so he can always need you beside him. This is as a result of you being an asset to him. It is true that you came from a poor background and you will like to marry a guy who is wealthy to lift your family from poverty. But will you do this at the expense of your joy and peace for your life time with that guy?

Don't make a permanent decision on the altar of a temporary situation.

 Don't sell your joy and peace, they are too precious to your life.
Both guys and ladies should think about building a financial future for themselves before going into a relationship. The guys have to do more on this because of the responsibilities that accrue them.
God in the beginning gave Adam work to do not job to do. A work is what you do even when you are not paid you do it, because you love it and you are created to do it. A job is what you are paid to do, if you are not paid you will leave the company because the sole purpose of a job is to meet your financial needs. The purpose for work is to meet the need of others, and this was why God gave Eve to Adam so she can be his help mate.

" Never think you can use your money to catch and keep a man. If you do, you may have to continue that way". Dr Mrs Becky Enenche

Ladies, you are a helper and one of the ways you will help the guy is in his finances, if he is responsible. So your relationship can be a blessing not just to you guys but to others. Relationship is more about team work. Pay the price together for the future you both want to see.

Don't reject the way he comes:
If he comes wealthy and he loves you and you love him for who he is and not what he has. You both have mutual purpose, you are an asset to him not a liability, then you can move ahead.
If he comes not wealthy and he loves you. He has a vision and you both have mutual purpose. You love him for who he is, then move ahead and together build the future you desire.
Don't love him because of money, but love him for who he is and because he is in love with you.

God did not love you because you will profit him, He just chose to love you. Are you worried about your finances? You want to be financially independent as a lady? You want to build a prosperous home with your husband?
Please note that all these are possible with God, He is the giver of wealth and only Him can give you the power to create wealth ( Deuteronomy 8:18). You need this loving Father in your life to access His wealth. You can be single and a multimillionaire, you can be single making impact globally before you marry. Don't limit yourself, invest in yourself as a single, God has great plans for you. To access His wealth, you need to invite the Lord Jesus into your life, you can do that now.

You can invite the Lord Jesus into your life now by saying this prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ I acknowledge that I am a sinner, I believe in your death and resurrection. I ask you to forgive me my sins, I reject the devil and all his works and l welcome the Holy Spirit into my life. I declare today I am born again and I am a child of God in Jesus name.Amen.

If you just said that prayer I welcome you to God's family. Look for a Bible believing church where God's Word is taught and fellowship there.
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