Welcome to purposeful living today. I am so glad to have you here. I welcome you my very dear reader to the month of November.  I pray that in this month God will Open Doors of opportunities for you and your family. Your life will be from Glory to Glory in Jesus mighty name. Amen. Hope you are having an amazing week. 
Anything is possible if you believe, no matter what you go through never believe it is impossible, all things are possible to Him that believes.

On Monday we began a Series on Relationship Economics 101 and we started with the topic on understanding wants and needs in a relationship. Today we will begin with the practical application of wants and needs in a relationship. Just to recall the last post which I would love you to visit here before you continue with this one. We said wants are things that you desire to have( they are optional)  while needs are things you have to have( necessary for survival).
So what are relationship wants?
Wants are not wrong because they make you enjoy life and not endure it. Wants are important in a relationship; you don't marry someone who is lazy and has a repulsive character, you don't marry someone that is not attractive and beautiful to you,  money is needed to fuel love, you will not just tell her " I love you", bros you will have to show it with a gift...these are some the things you want in your relationship not what you need. Everyone  has wants and need, but the difference between the two is the priority you place on your needs which is necessary to have a purposeful life and relationship on earth. A girl may want a tall dark handsome guy that has six pack, loving, caring, generous, wealthy... A guy for  may want a beautiful charming babe, that has a captivating simile, physically attractive, very smart, lovely, understanding, intelligent... There are other wants in a relationship such as their character traits, physical appearance, family background, social status, religion etc. All these wants are very pertinent in  building and maintaining a relationship, but most times we are carried away by these wants that we refuse to listen to what our hearts truly needs. Most people are married and they have all their wants met but not their needs. They live in a luxurious home, ride the best of cars, travel to any country of their choice  for vacation, they are very wealthy. They got married to a former beauty queen and a handsome guy with six pack with all the triceps and biceps, but most of these persons are living in pain and regret. I have always said that the worst assault is not physical assault but emotional assault, this is what most  married men and women are going through everyday  because they refuse to go for their need in a relationship.

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All your wants will give you temporary joy, love, peace and happiness when your needs are not met. Go and ask that married woman that lives in a very expensive home, had everything at her beck and call, but She is very unhappy... hmmm that is not your portion, get wisdom today.
This is why there is infidelity in most relationship despite the fact that they both love each other, but they go to someone else to meet their needs.  One of my mentor shared a story with me of how  a married man was sleeping with another married woman that was not his wife, this woman had everything she wants but her needs made her to begin to commit adultery, what is this need that everyone needs in a relationship? I know you think it is sex let me surprise you it is not, I will continue with the story on Friday and  I will share with you what everyone need in a relationship.

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Until your spiritual need is met every other need is counterfeit to your eternity.
Do you know that God can provide for your wants and needs?
Do you know you need God?
Do you know you can't do without God?
Do you know that He is the supplier of your needs not even man, man can only be His agent? If your answer is "Yes" then This is His word for you today "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus" ( Philippians 4:19).
You can connect to the All Sufficient God today, by surrendering your life to Him and inviting Him into your life right now by saying this prayer:
Lord Jesus Christ  I acknowledge that I am a sinner,  I believe in your death and resurrection.  I ask you forgive me my sins,  I reject the devil and all his works and l welcome the Holy Spirit into my life.  I declare today I am born again and I am a child of God in Jesus name .Amen .
If you just said that prayer I welcome you to God's family. Look for a Bible believing church where God's word is taught and fellowship there.
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