Welcome to purposeful living today.  I don't understand what we call love these days,  I thought love has to do with value and respect for a person. What I see we do  these days is nothing but lust and infatuation, no matter the number of years you have known each other.  When he says he loves you but don't respect and value you,  in short for he eye you nor get any worth.  In his mind he sees you as  one among the chains of girls whose life he has made worthless and destiny hindered from manifesting.
When a guy chooses to take you to bed instead of taking you to his parents: This is the greatest form of disrespect to you, your future marriage, your children, parents and God.  He takes you to his bed without the permission of God, your parents and those God has placed as authorities in your life, na wa for this Bros.  It's is only you and him that knows that you are in love,  you shut the door on people you are to be accountable to in the relationship. This is why he treats you the way he likes,  because he has not met your family members.  There is nobody that he can account to and he respects in your life,  so he has the right to abuse you sexually, emotionally,  physically and even spiritually. He sees you as very cheap,  not just cheap because cheap is an understatement. He sees also that there is no difference between you and a female dog on the street.
When a responsible guy meets a girl he is in love with, the first thing he should do is to take her to his parent,  in a case where your parents are not close by,  then take her to your Pastor or a matured Christian couple whose marriage has been a model for yours. 
Doing this tells you that this guy is very serious with you, he respects and value you.  You are of inestimable worth to him, you are not his sex toy, or a public toilet where he easily get his emotional needs met whenever he wants.

Over the years I have seen and read stories of how a girl and a guy will be in a relationship for years and when the guy chooses to settle down he leaves the girl he has dated for 8 years to a girl whom  he sees qualifies as a wife material for him.  The other girl was just his sex toy,  for so many years.  This is what some guys do to girls,  ladies be smart and know what you want oh.    Let your life be guarded by God's word.
Ladies, you deserve, love,  respect, the best and to be valued.  You are a princess of inestimable worth. Don't jeopardize your future on the altar of PLEASURE and PRESSURE.
PRESSURE: It does not matter where you are from, but what you do with where you are is what actually matters.
The fact you came from a poor home does not mean that you should look for a guy who you will place your financial responsibility on.
  Hello, if you value yourself as a queen then treat yourself as one,  no queen will act irresponsibly or transfer responsibility of her life to someone else.  She takes responsibility,  she looks for what to do to increase her financial worth.  A queen knows that no amount of money a guy gives her can be compared to how much her life is worth, that she sells her destiny to him. She becomes his slave instead of his queen.
A queen does not need a guy to tell her " I love you" to know that she is loved,  she is so much in love with herself because she knows whose she is and who she is, this makes her a confident woman. The insecurity of not being loved is not found in her,  she is a confident woman and this attracts a guy to a girl.

My dear,  the fun loving place you like to go,  the kind of food he is using to turn your head that is making you not to think rational,  you go eat am tire; the chicken,  Shawama, chocolate,  ice cream... you will buy and be tired.  Appreciate the phase you are in today,  don't be desperate for a relationship because you want to proof a point.  The people who want points are always passers-by on your path to destiny.  They are there to give you a divided focus.  You will see them today but in few years time they will not be in your life any more,  so what is the need to proof a point or try to belong to them.
PLEASURE: She looks at the cost and benefit of acting as a wife to a guy she is not married to.  Well, the cost exceeds the benefit.  The benefit is for some few minutes which can change the direction of her life forever. The cost is a life time impact of regret,  it leaves a scar in the heart even when the pain is gone after so many years of getting over the hurt.  It has to do with regret upon regret.
I read the story of a woman who when she was single had no value for her body( no price tag). She allowed a deviant to deflower her, in the name of love. This guy never loved her, he just wanted to sleep with her and when his mission was accomplished he left her in pain.  Now,  she is married to a man who loves her like crazy,  will do anything for her. They have been married for more than 20 years and she still regrets that  she did not give such a wonderful gift(virginity) to her  lovely husband.

You may have made this mistake, I am not hear to condemn you. You have to surrender your body to Jesus Christ he is the owner, make a pledge to Him by His grace to live a life of purity until you are married. God loves you too much.
You're very valuable to God,  this is why He gave you His son Jesus Christ whose love for you is unconditional,  he takes you as His bride  and presents you to His Father not to any where else.  You can only experience His love as His bride by you inviting Him into your life. You may have made mistakes that seems unpardonable, but His blood is greater than all your sins. He wants to treat you as the queen you're to Him.
You can say this prayer from your heart:
Father God,  I thank you for loving me even when I don't deserve it.  Thank you for sending your Son to die on the cross for my sins,  I invite the Lord Jesus into my heart to be my master,  friend,  lover and saviour. I welcome the Holy Spirit into my life today to empower me to live for your glory. I reject the devil and all his works.  I decree that I am saved, I am born again, I am a child of God. If you said that prayer please let me know  @
"Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge". Hebrews 13:4.
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