Welcome to purposeful living today.  The life of a man is only meaningful when it is lived in accordance with God's plan.  As humans we tend to use our will power to live and make decisions,  though these decisions are seen as "good ideas" but not God's idea from God's perspective.   How much do you know yourself that you think you know what is best for you? Thinking that we know what is best for us has made us to take God our creator out of the picture of our lives.  One area of our lives we have separated God from is the in our relationship.  We forget that God actually instituted relationships, instead of seeking God for direction we are hell bent to doing things our own  way,  we are so engrossed with attraction, beauty,  physique, wealth,  anointing, power, fame etc.  These things are needful but what is profitable is that relationship is an assignment from God for the couple.
When you are given an assignment in school as a chemistry student,  you will not go and meet an accounting student to work with you in the assignment.
In this same way marriage is not an adventure seeking venture but an assignment to be fulfilled by the husband and wife who are working in fulfilment of God's purpose for their lives,  they are a powerful team.  If you marry someone that does not fit into  God's plan and purpose for your life you will struggle in your marriage.  This is what most of our parents are suffering today,  they are married with no purpose just to give birth to children and that's all. They are married but not happy and feeling fulfilled. The worst tragedy is to marry when you have not discovered God's purpose for your life, this determines your destination. You may love him/her but if you are heading to different directions you will not have a healthy marriage.

For you to have a God defined marriage you must work with God's design for your life and this is by allowing him lead you not yours eyes or emotions leading you. You must give up your pen of trying to write your love story.  I know you have been writing for a long time,  doing things your own way, you have tried to please people because you want a relationship,  you have lowered your standard and crossed your boundaries,  you have even began living in fornication with that guy because you are afraid of losing him.  Friend,  it is time to allow the your Creator to write your love story,  it will not end up in heart break, pain or regret .  You seek a love story that will be a blessing to lives? Then you must allow him him do the writing,  your part is to do the acting according to the script He has given you.
I share with you a true life story of how God can write your love story.

"My name is Shalom Peaceful,  Like many other women I was once a victim of heart break and I began to doubt if true love really exists, I cried and started doubting every man but just the time I stopped putting matters into my own hands God's will prevailed. I said to myself how can a woman find true love when she is not patient enough to WAIT for a man who is truly born again. I played with fire, gambled my heart because I was getting involved with guys who were not seriously rooted in Christ. My friends had boyfriends and like every woman I just needed someone make me feel loved which was a perfect recipe a heart break.
As I matured in the Lord i realised that I don't want a man who will only bring me to fancy restaurants, and spend a tons of money on me . I wanted someone who will help me to grow spiritually and will challenge me in my walk with God and I am So proud and thankful to have a man Tinashe Samuel.
Who is so wise and unafraid to stand up for all his beliefs, knowing that the kingdom of the Lord will have the ultimate power.  When he speak I am reminded of Solomon's Wisdom, his Ability to lead remind me of Moses , his attention to detail remind me of Noah, his faith remind me of Abraham, his confidence in God's word remind me of Daniel , his integrity remind me of Joseph, his Ability to love selflessly and unconditionally remind me of Christ.
To all the single ladies , I advise you to Seek a godly man, a man who places Christ at the center of his life. If he doesn't love God's word, talk about God's word, quote God's Word - RUN!!! He is not the Godly man you need. However if you meet a man that loves God's word you will know. He's one worth watching and waiting for.... As you wait upon the Lord to bring a Godly man to find you, Get close to God first, before getting close to anyone else. God without you is still God, but any person  without God is nothing.
The Lord has been faithful to me and all my scars serves as a testimony that God can do it for you. I pray for you all single ladies and women going through love problems, the God who remembered me, will remember you also."
Dear,  stop putting things in your hands,  God is still in the business of leading,  guiding and directing people to you. He will lead you to the right person that will bring out the best in you in His own time. But,  God can't lead you if you don't have a relationship with Him.  This is by surrendering your life to Jesus Christ and inviting Him to be your Lord and personal Savior.  You can do that right now,  he loves you and wants the best relationship for you.

"Seek ye out of the book of the Lord, and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate: for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them." Isaiah 34:16.
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