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No man is created to be an index number on earth,  every man is fully loaded. God our father said you're created in His image and likeness,  this means you have God's creative ability and capability in you. 

Why do you limit yourself?
When we look at the list of world's richest men,  you see men who have invested in their worth to build a  wealthy life by virtue of utilizing the unlimited potentials in them.  They have built their wealth despite the challenges that confront them.  They are people who believed strongly in their dreams that they never let it go no matter what you do to them.  They are so convinced and dodged in maximizing their potentials.

Your worth is the capacity of God in you birthed from eternity, it is the ability of God in you that is unlimited as you surrender your will to the unlimited God .  This is why a man who knows his worth,  is careful of his behaviour. He knows he is a great personality.  He can't be a kidnapper,  she can't be sleeping with men for money or for pleasure,  he can't be an arm robber etc,  because their worth is more than their present circumstances. They protect their worth at all expense.
A man's wealth can be measured by Forbes but his worth can't be measured; the financial Net worth of Bill Gates is 88.8 USD, his real worth can't be measured.
Friend,  in you God has deposited enough potentials to change the destiny of a nation. You can't maximize the gold mine in you sleeping in your room till 10am,  watching movies for 10 hours daily, gossiping with helpless fellows...  Imagine if Sir Isaac Newton
(1642–1726) English scientist who  invented the reflecting telescope did not make use of his potentials, there will not be telescope today,  what are you depriving humanity by not maximizing your potentials?
God sees you as selfish and self centered not to bless people with all He has downloaded in you to upload to your generation. You are a gift, stop seeking for gifts that will ruin your life.  God says what he wants to do with you eyes have not seen, it is beyond human comprehension ( 1 Corinthians 2:9).  Don't  live a purposeless life chasing after shadows, follow God, live for Him and seek first his kingdom (Matthew 6:33).
Yes,  God created you for His glory not for your glorification (Isaiah 43:7). You are to use your potentials for God's glory like Prime Minister Joseph Jacob did in Egypt.
What is the gift God has deposited in you,  it is time to utilize it for His glory. Stop chasing wealth,  chase building your worth in Christ(know who you are in Christ).
It is your worth that builds your wealth.
  You are the richest man that Forbes have not identified. 
God has given you the riches of His Grace.  Go manifesting because the whole of creation awaits you (Romans 8:19).
You can only maximize your potentials by surrendering your life to Jesus Christ.  He knows you before you were born and has ordained you for something great( Jeremiah 1:5). He loves you very much.
You are not a nonentity but an entity in Christ.  The Greater one lives in you( 1 John 4:4).
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