Welcome to purposeful living today. Life is a training ground; it is full with lots of challenges that promote you to your next rank as a champion. You may feel down cast because life is not giving you what you want, which it will never do, it will only give you what you demand of it. You have tried your best in that business, relationship, career, academics and it is not yielding the necessary returns. Now you say it is time to quit. No friend, you have to wait a little longer, a miracle is on your way.
 What to do before you give up:
Give Him your Boat
Peter and his friends have been in the river all night casting down their nets and they caught nothing.  Jesus came to Peter seeking his permission to use his boat so He can  preach to the multitude of people who were waiting for Him to teach them the word.
The boat symbolizes your life. Have you surrendered your life to Jesus, that He is lord of all and not lord of some? You have to like Peter give Jesus His place in your life. Don’t love God because you want him to do a miracle in your life, love Him from your heart. Trust in Him not in your ability or any man.
Obey His command
 When Jesus was done with ministering to the people He then remembered Peter and his friends who were in a devastating situation. He gave them a word; one word from God will end all your struggles. He told them to launch into the deep which they did despite the several attempts and forgetting they were professional fishermen. They still obeyed him and they had a glorious testimony of a net breaking harvest that they had to seek the help from other partners.

Friend, if Peter had given up all hope, did not allow Jesus to use him to bless others and was not obedient to the word from God. There would have been no testimony for him.

Don’t give up, God has the final say and He loves you dearly. No matter how terrible the storm is God will make a way for you; don’t forget that you are the apple of his eyes.
Surrender your life to Jesus today, he loves you. Happy new month.

Winners never quit, and quitters never win.
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Keep living a purposeful life.
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