Welcome to purposeful living today. The educational is a system that cannot do without the impact of lecturers In the life of the students.
A Lecturer is a teacher, mentor role model and an impacts knowledge to the student. Train and equip the student for challenges.
There are two sets of Lecturers in every tertiary institution. They are the Destiny Destroyers and Destiny builders.
Destiny Destroyer: This is a lecturer that believes you can't do better than him, so he tells you "A" is for God if He Exist, "B" is for himself and "C" is for the hardworking student. The lecturer who says you can't pass until you block my course ( Bribery and Corruption in their blood). The lecturer that sleeps with students to boost grade. Some barely come to class to teach,when they come they bombard you with assignment. They force you to buy their text book which is most time very costly than the sold at a book shop.
These set of lecturers are not concerned about grooming the next generation to stardom. They are there only for their pockets and belly.

Destiny Builders:
They are disciplined in their actions and are ready to discipline you, so you can be the best. They are concerned about your future, so they always come to class to teach, they are always accessible. They encourage you to work hard and want you to do better than them...
Life is a School of which you have a lecturer you Learn from daily.
Who is your Lecturer in life?
This is a very important questions you need to answer yourself. Whose instructions do you follow. Just like you leave your home or hostel for a lecture so we everyday submit ourselves under the tutelage of the life lecturer you choose to attend his class.
There are two life lecturers they are:
1. God
2.The Devil

1. GOD: God is the lecturer that is after building your destiny. He wants the best for you and wants you to be the best. He is the Role model of role models, the Mentor of mentors, Lecturer of lecturers. His class is free of charge, you don't need to pay for school fees so you can learn, but all you need do is to surrender your life and be willing to learn(Matt 11:28-29). He is the main course of study, i mean Him alone is an institution that will take you more than a life time to study. His main text book is His word( The Bible), he can refer you to other books of the people He is mentoring wrote.
The reason why he is training you is so that you can live the life he wants you to live here on earth and in heaven where you will get the result of the examination you wrote here on earth.
2. THE DEVIL: His lecture class is very free, you can visit his class on a porn site, social media, films, television, magazines,  evil friends... All in a bid to make you fail, he is the destiny destroyer, this is why the bible says he came to "steal, kill and destroy". This is his testimony of the life some of the numerous people he has mentored; they are prostitute, liars, masturbators, homosexuals, hoodlums, drunkard, sexual immoral, indecent/seductive dresser.... The destination he is taken them to is Hell, he doesn't want them to experience the beauty, joy,love peace, heaven. The devil is ready to destroy your life with all prestige.
Friend, the right life tutor that will give you all you need to fulfill destiny, without demanding anything from you all you need you do is to surrender your life daily for His tutorials. Allow Him be your Lord and Saviour, he stands today at the door of your heart for free, will open it for Him to come in?

He loves you and his only plan is to build your destiny and not destroy it.  Forms are available, enrol now!!!
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