Welcome to purposeful living today.It is amazing to see that we call ourselves Christians because we go to church and are members of a unit or ministry in church. You are identified as a Brother or Sister in Christ because you are WORKING for God and not WALKING with Him. Today is Sunday and majority of us went to church because we see it as a religious obligation, so people don't say we are an Atheists or a Traditionalist...
My concern today is,  what is your purpose of going to church; is Christianity to you about going to church or it is about loving God. We live in a country were majority of us are christian but the life style of the kingdom of which we are ambassadors is not projected in our lives, which is the Christ like life as seen in the Antioch believers [Acts11:26]. We go to church but we still do all manner of atrocities [living in sin and don't care about it], we fornicate, steal, kill, dress seductively, corruption has taken over us; as Christians we are not even united. The same man who lifted his hand to God in worship will discard God tomorrow Monday by cheating a customer in his business. 

The  young lady that shouted so loud today during worship and danced very  well during praises will go to his boyfriend house this evening. You are not a christian because you go to church but because you live as the church were ever you go. The word church is the "ecclesia"; which means the body of Christ. You are the church not the building; you are to live the life style of the kingdom, you are in the world but not of the world [John 17:14] . We are to be God lovers who fellowship with God in a place of fellowship with other believers not church goers who are bankrupt of love for God, seeking to do things their own way. Let your life be for God, so let your light shine; because you are the light of the world[Matt 5:14]. How can we correct the anomalies in the world when we are not seperate from the darkness of evil in the world? Our light should shine where ever we are.
His name is JESUS CHRIST.

"Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid." Matthew 5:14.
Your going to church does not make you a Christian but you living the life of Christ Jesus. A bicycle packed in a garage does not make it automatically a car. So , are you a church goer or a God lover? Only God lovers  live for God here on earth and live with Him in Heaven. Surrender and repent from being a Church goer, ask the Lord Jesus to come into your heart today so you can be a God lover. God loves you above everything.
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