Lessons from the movie Pregnant at 17... Two very important things teens need to know about life.

Welcome to purposeful living today. Most times we blame teenagers for their actions,  castigate and write them off. Majority of teens came from broken homes, abused
sexually by the opposite sex and even close family members like  their parents. Some teens grew up in homes where they were tolerated instead of celebrated, the words "I love you" was too holy to be said to them by their parents. Parents will always tell their children to run from the opposite sex, without giving them sex education and teaching them how to relate with the opposite sex. I am not in anyway encouraging the immoral acts of teens as they have their role to play in being responsible for their future, this means that every teen knows what is right and wrong to do that God hates and at the detriment of their destiny. I watched a movie some days ago titled "Pregnant at 17". This movie inspired me to write this post, seeing that most teens are suffering from ignorance about the most important thing in life. They rank pleasure of today higher than the pain of regret of tomorrow.
The movie was about a teenage girl who was a mistress to a married man. She said she loved the man, but her definition of love was all about what she actually needs as a teenager that she didn't get from her Father. She needed love, attention, financial support etc. She lost her mum while she was 10 and grew up with an  irresponsible and indiscipline father who was fleeting with girls, always taking her to a club house...  There is so much to say about the  attitude of her father, but I will stop here to concentrate on what every teen needs to know:

1. Teens should be taught to love themselves:
It is true that the greatest need of man is the need to love and be loved. The reason why teens fall into destructive relationships is because they have not come in terms with loving themselves the way they are. Yes, we all need love but when we don't love ourselves we will be desperate about our need for love. This is where teenagers fall as prey; anyone that shows them attention and a little dose of care that they never received from their homes, they throw themselves at them, giving their heart and body to them. It is because teens don't love themselves that they seek definition of love, this then produce low self-esteem and then live a life  of mediocrity. Love the way you look, admire yourself, tell yourself you are beautiful, wonderful and amazing. Take yourself out for a treat, go to a nice place and celebrate yourself, go to the cinema. It is the degree to which you love you that you can love another self, this is why the Bible says "love your neighbor as yourself."  No boy/girl can love you more like you do. If you love yourself you will not give your body to a person that is not your spouse all in the name of pleasure, you will think of your destiny,  love for your future  spouse and family and your love for God. This one thing the young lady lacked in the movie, she did not know the definition of  love, she saw love as a tool to meet her  needs for the good things of life and misinterpreted it to be expressed as an act of desire instead of acts of affection at this stage in her life.

2. Teens should know that they are loved by God:
Yes, it is true you lost your mum/ dad at a young age.
It is true that you came from a broken home.
It is true that while growing up no one showed you how much you are loved and cherished.
It is true that your parents have abused you verbally, physically, spiritually and sexually.
It is true that you were rape and know one believes in you.
This all happened in the past, it is time to take the master piece of your life to the one who loves you more than you love yourself. You must believe that God is your lover who loves you unconditionally and boundlessly He is the potter, you are the clay. You can be a prisoner of your past by allowing it influence you negatively, you are responsible for the life you want to live.
One thing I discovered in that movie was that there was no mention of God in her life, she lived as though she owned the  life God gave her.
Friend, when you don't know that God loves you so much, you will keep looking for love and you will not find. This is because there is a God sized vacuum in you that only God can fill. Sex, relationships, wealth, fame...can't fill it. God loves you and gave Himself for you so you can live a victorious life. This every teen needs to understand and walk in by surrendering their life all to Jesus Christ.
He will turn every mess to a message, every ashes to beauty. No matter what your past have been, you can begin a new in Christ Jesus.
You can surrender your life to Jesus right now, allowing Him to be your Father, lover, lord and Saviour.

" The Lord hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee." Jeremiah 31:3.
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Keep living a purposeful life.
Thanks for Reading. 
You are loved.

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