Welcome to purposeful living today. The limitation of a man is not that based on the attack launched by the devil, it is his mindset to life. This is why the bible says we must bring all thought to the obedience. The mind is the greatest limitation to the greatness of a man. If your mind is not renewed your life will never be renewed you will live a life below God's expectation. God never uses a man without changing his mindset and making him see things positively.
This made the mediocre Gideon to be a man of Mighty Valour before using him(Judges 6), he gave  saw a new attitude (1 Sam 10:9)before using him, because your altitude determines your altitude. 
Our mindset does the following:
1. It determines how we relate to God and fulfill His purpose for our lives. This why the 10 spices that had a wrong mindset about warring with the God was angry with them and destroyed that generation that they never ended the promise land (Numbers 14).
2. Your mindset give you a picture of who you are. Your negative mindset gives you a false picture of who you are. It tells you that you are not loved because you are not beautiful and suggests that you need a man in your life (Jer 29:11).

3. Our mindset determines how we relate with other people, do we see them as giant greater than us or we see them as people we are made to relate with. When you place people in a mediocre high level you become low and it is called low self-esteem. You see yourself as not qualified to relate with them (Prov 23:17).
4. It affects our attitude to life challenges. Do we see them as impossible or possible?  A man is a slave or a king based on his attitude to life. You can be defeated before the battle begins and you can win before the battle begins ; it is all in your mind (Mark 9:23).
This is what happens when we think the wrong thoughts, we short the door of possibilities, we are limited that we can't seek the key of opportunities to deal with challenges of our lives.
The antidote:
You must possess the mind of Christ; the mind of Christ is a victorious, creative and winning mind, it is the winning mindset. This is done through the study and meditating on the word of God (Joshua 1:8). Hold on to what God is saying not what society,family and challenge is saying.
Bishop David Oyedepo said
" Focus on what is written not what is happening". We must also pray and guard our heart diligently(Prov 4:23). God wants us to walk in a victorious mindset to reign in life. Don't be defeated by the wrong mindset, think possibilities. Learn to separate an event from who you are; you should be a able to separate the event failure from you as a person.

"For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? but we have the mind of Christ." 1 Corinthians 2:16.
Surrender to Jesus He is the only one that can give you a victorious mindset.
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