Welcome to purposeful living today. If there is one thing that our society is bankrupt of today it is love of Love of God.   This is reason for war, killings, injustice, immorality... I am not talking of the Eros, Phila, storge kind of love. I am talking of Agape love, the unconditional love that is giving only by God. It is not that other kinds of love I mentioned above are ungodly, all other kind of love must first have it's root in agape love.  When this is not understood we tend to walk away from the will of God, this is why a person will sleep with another person he is not married to in the name of being in love,  this is not what God see love as. Until you embrace the love of God your father as seen In Jesus Christ you will be bankrupt of love and full of lust.  Love is God's way of expressing to you as His child that you are not alone on this planet earth. He is very much concerned about everything that concerns you; your health, relationships, academics, finances, family etc. God's nature is love and He dispels this love to every individual He has created, this is the reason He calls you to come to Him and live life to the fullest in Him.Even before you were born, He knew you; and because He knows you and what the outcome of your life would be if He does not feature in it (Jeremiah 29:11), He gave His only beloved son, Jesus Christ to die for your sins (John 3:16), being the mediator between you and God in order that you be forgiven; come to have a healthy relationship with your God as well as obtain all that is yours in heaven and on earth; and also, become all that He desires you to be.
This is the picture of God's love for you and this is why He wants to be your Sheperd, because He is the way, truth and life (John 14:6). Have you really embraced His love for you?(Jermaiah 31:3). Have you really surrendered all to Him and called upon Him humbly? Don't think that you are not worthy to approach Him (2 Corinthians 5:17).  Don't think that your sins are so great and as a result, God will cast you out. Know for sure that nothing in this world, not even your greatest sin; is greater than His love for you. You are His temple( 1 Corithians 3:16), so live for Him. You are loved. 

Are you weak?  Run to God.  Are you sad?  Run to Him.  Are you in distress or facing one challenge or the other which is beyond you?  Run to God. Look up to Him.  Trust in His love for you; and know that out of that situation you are going through, He will channel it to work for your good.
Jesus is calling you to surrender your life to him, you can do that by saying this prayer :
Lord Jesus Christ I surrender to your will, I ask you forgive my sins and wash me with your blood. I welcome the Holy Spirit into my life and declare today Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and saviour. If you just said that prayer I welcome you to the body of Christ go to a Bible believing church where the undiluted word of God is preached.
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...keep living a purposeful life...
Thanks for reading.

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  1. I think that what you talk about in His Love, is only the tip of what we've known regarding God's love for us. His love is so powerful that in the moment that you surrender your ways as futile, to accept His loving plans for you, in an instant, you know that your are received by Him. If that same love comes so quickly to us as unbelievers, then how much more is His love to be realized? We've been given a position in royalty and priesthood through that great love, but if we never apply our thoughts, and imagination to His words that create an entrance to that experience, then what good is it? This is my quest.

  2. Thanks Rita for your question and Contribution. The love of God is what we keep knowing by the revelation of the Holy Spirit it is inexhaustible, so what is written here is just a tip of the indescribable and unconditional love of God. Our thoughts and imagination must be renewed as Royalty so we can love God's way and not the world way.