Welcome to purposeful living today.  We continue from the last post looking at the reason Esau lost his position as the first born and the Patriarch of the house of Israel. In the last post we saw how Esau sold his birth right because of hunger and how many of us are selling our destiny to hunger of the things of this world that deprives us from our inheritance in Christ.  Like I said in the last post that God was not partial in choosing Jacob instead of Esau. This is as a result of their character attribute that disrupt him from his inheritance.
It is often said that the price of greatness is responsibility. Irresponsibility has deprived champions from winning in the path of destiny.  Esau had a great destiny but was very careless to give it up for a plate of porridge.  This is what he even said "And Esau said, Behold, I am at the point to die: and what profit shall this birthright do to me?" (Genesis 25:32 KJV). Which means his destiny had no value  to him, he knew about the promise God made to Abraham about his descendants. He lacked self control and the ability to delay gratification for his future.  All he was concerned was all about now and had no Investment in his tomorrow.
Oh! we are not far from this nonchalant attitude of Esau as regards protecting our destiny.  Acting as though there is no consequence for our action and our unwillingness to think of the effect of our decision on our future.  How many of us like Joseph will take right  decisions empowered by God to live  a life  giving God glory.
Esau did not employ the powerful delay gratification  that preserves destiny.  There are habits,  character and things that we engage in that is at the verge of destroying our enviable destiny.  Is it evil association, murder pornography, fornication, adultery,  stealing,  greed,  seductive appearance...
These things are fighting against your destiny, if you know the worth of your destiny and how PRICELESS you are to God, no one will tell you to flee from these destiny killers like Joseph did.
Esau failed to see how unique and special he was,  that he did not know that his destiny was envied.  So also your destiny is envied by the devil and will do all he can with his cooperation with his agent both in bodily and spiritual form.
Friend, you know those things that will deprive you of your earthly and heavenly destiny.  Why not cry out and surrender  to God now so he can help you.  He loves you and don't want you to live a regretful life on earth.
Think about the future... It is will give birth to the seed you sown in it... to be continued. 
There are two most important friends in fulfilling your destiny.  They are GOD and YOU.
There are two most important enemies to fulfilling your destiny.  They are: YOU and  the DEVIL.
The choice is yours.
Your future, your responsibility.
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Keep living a purposeful life.
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