Welcome joyfully to Purposeful living today. We most times forget how people made impart in our lives, we tend to negate them when we know they have little or nothing to offer any more in our lives. When you forget where you are coming from, you will miss your destination. Take a look at this story.
A 30 year old son decided to admit the father into an old people home as desired by his wife( the daughters In-law). He  brought his father in the car to an old people's home run by a Catholic Priest. Then appeared the elderly Priest , who came out to have a long chat with the old man, the son was surprised and asked the Priest if they knew each other before, the Priest replied yes, and continued: "He came here 30 years ago and took with him a very sick orphan boy who everyone else had rejected for adoption. This man gave that boy a home and saved his life. He told us " this little boy deserves better, I will dedicate my life to make him the wealthiest young man when he turns 25". The priest continued: I don't know how long you have known him but l can tell you he is a good man and I am glad to inform you that you were that sickly boy. " The boy on hearing this, fell on his knees and begged the old man for forgiveness. The old man looked at him with a smile and said " Son, I have forgiven you. You took me out of my own home because of your wife. Take the house, but know that l have removed you from my documents as a sole heir of my empire. I have willed all my properties to this orphanage where I now belong".
What an amazing story of ingratitude and irresponsibility.  This is what many of us do to people who have laid their lives for us like the young man in the story who did not have regard for the person that has made him who he is because he is now an old man. We forget those who have stocked with us when no one was willing. Your Parents suddenly became old fashioned,  your friends are no longer attractive because you are now blessed, you forget them and say that they are not in the same class with you. You move with people who are now in the same class enjoying the seed others sown in you.
A woman protected her baby boy from fire incidence that gutted their apartment, this disfigured the mother's appearance and nothing happened to the boy. This boy grew to become a great person in government and organized a party. He invited everyone but did not invite his mum who he was ashamed of because of her looks. When the mother came to the son's house, the security men told him, the son came to the mum at the gate telling her that she did not belong there and told the security men not to allow her in.
When you chase family and friends  from enjoying you because of your achievement, who will endure with you in times of trials.
There are two phase in life, the Investment phase and the harvesting phase.
The investment phase is when people begin to sow seeds in our lives. This is because no man is self made any self made man is self destroyed. They sow their life by sacrifice, time, their finances,resources, words of wisdom and comfort, standing for us in times of challenges etc. This is what our parents, mentors and friends do to make us achievers in life.
The harvesting phase is the phase where those who have made impact in our lives begin to eat the fruit of their labour.
What happens today is that another person comes to eat the fruit of the labour of the contributors in your life, just like the wife of the first story. We must honour all who have been a blessing to us no matter their present status. It is what you sow you reap, we either reap blessings or curses. The choice is yours, so decide to honour everyone in your life, remember God is watching you . Don't be a source of pain, sorrow and regret to those who have been a source of joy to you. Your root determines the structure of your building and the height of your roof. Never forget where you are coming from.

Amazing Fact:
The longest word in English language is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis!

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