Welcome joyously to purposeful living today.I continue from my last post on how we can discover purpose. There are two important days in our life, the day we were born and the day you discover your purpose. Apostle Joshua Selman said "Never celebrate the Birthday of a man whose purpose on earth you do not know".
Life they say has no duplicate, what will you be remembered for when you die? This is a question of purpose.
Yesterday we began 7 ways how we can discover our purpose on earth. Which we will conclude today. So let's continue...
4. Identifying a problem: We most times lament at the state of things in the life of people that cries for expression. This will cause you pain, by pain i mean a situation that challenges you.  You are not comfortable with the poor standard of living, poverty, prostitution, the irresponsible way parent cater for their children, moral decadence of our youth and other societal, spiritual, academic, financial, relationship problems we know that when given the  opportunity, we will want to bring change. God saw the way man was living in sin and far away from the life he predestined man to walk in, this made him to send Jesus Christ to come and die for us. This was said of Jesus "... The reason the Son of God was made manifest (visible) was to undo (destroy, loosen, and dissolve) the works the devil [has done]"(1John 3:8 AMP).

5. Identifying an ability in you to be the Solution: It is nice to identify a need but it is productive to solve the need. There are many phone producers in the world but the difference between the manufacturers of Samsung and BlackBerry phones is the uniqueness of how they desire to satisfy their consumers. This launch them to research and then became innovative in their production, creating their own niche.
You want to be a Medical Doctor and you are discouraged because there are many Doctors. You must know your area of specialization by training and past experiences that prompt you of the need to be a Doctor. A young lady became a  Medical Doctor because she was not happy the way her Mother died, because there was scarcity of doctors. So she don't want other people to go through same experience. For every identified problem, you have an ability to solve it, all you need do is to develop yourself. Think of solving problems!!!
6.What you derive joy at doing: To most workers on Monday the beginning of a new week brings sadness, while on Friday evening they become so excited.  It seems like from Monday to Friday they are imprisoned in force labour, though they are paid. The reason for their poor attitude to their job is not because of their salary but because they don't find joy doing their job.
There are two teachers, one love teaching and gives his best the other does it because of the pay and don't give his best; his potential is unutilized, this is what in economics we call under employment. It is not how much you are paid that matters in fulfilling purpose but it is the amount of impact you make and the joy you derive from what you do. The joy in doing what you love will create the provision you need.
7. Talk to your manufacturer: You need to spend time with God asking Him to reveal who you are and what you are on earth for. You are not created to increase the population of people on earth this is why he said " For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome" ( Jer 29:11)
Friend, you must believe that there is an agenda of God for your life. This is why you were not born in 1800, you came here at this time and season to fulfill a specific mission after which you depart the world.
Discover who you are today and live as the achiever and champion you are.
God is willing to unveil his purpose for your life, but you must be willing and sit at his presence to discover the treasure He has deposited in you. 
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Keep living a Purposeful Life.

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  1. Your purpose driven life piece has give mw a new and renowned perspective on the way I see life. Thanks for efforts in writing this wonderful piece.God bless you