Welcome to purposeful living. We continue with our discussion on what we call love in this generation, should love be based on how we feel as it is seen in the way we live? Today we will be looking at the truth about love from the stand point of God's  will. Someone was asked what is the meaning of love he said it is how you feel concerning people you love. The dictionary defined love as a feeling and care for another. It is good that we come to the understanding of what love truly means.  There is nothing wrong in having feelings for people, it's part of our human chemistry, but there is something wrong if we make decisions based on feelings.  This is because our feelings are unpredictable like the weather. If feelings is what defines love then Jesus would not have died for us on the cross,  because he did not feel like doing it.  Our feelings must be subject to what we know we truly want that is in line with the will of God.  We don't try to pretend to be who we are not to show love to others or be loved by others.  Love is about:
.1. Commitment: Loving people means your willingness to give your best to the people you love both when you feel like doing it and when you don't feel like doing it.
.2. Sacrifice: The true test of love is sacrifice on wonder the Bible said in John 3:16 -for God so loved the word that he gave His only begotten son. God did not just come to tell us that He loves us, He did gave us His son as a sacrifice. This was a proof of the love he has for us and this is why he Commands us to love one another as he has loved us. This there for means our love for people should be sacrificial. We should think of what we can do for people not what they can do for us.
.3. Acceptability : You accept people the way they are if you love them,  you can't gain control over a life that you never loved.  Most times our aim is to get people with a flashing lifestyle, and tend to reject those who are making positive impact in our lives because their life is not flashing.
.4. Trust: Trust is the foundation for every relationship you you can't build a on lies and deceit. We must be honest in our relationship with people if we love them. A friend who can lie and run another person down in your presence know that same friend will do worst  to you. The fact people lie in a relationship you are not meant to lie to build or maintain a relationship, because lie is not of God but from the devil the father of lies.
.5. Respect: To say you love someone you must respect their believes, values and  who they are.  They may not see things from your perspective that is why we are unique.  Trying to command and compel them to do something that is against their will, will ruin your relationship. Respect is mutual, it is not demanded by making them want to but expressed by allowing them respect you
We can build a godly relationship by walking in love as Jesus did on earth not on lust. We must possess the mind of Christ, the mind of loving people unconditional and making them better than we met them. Share this post with your friends and your comments  are appreciated. Keep living a purposeful life.

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