Welcome to purposeful living today. It is amazing in this generation of how we define love. It empirical to say the value and subject of love has been grossly abused by lust and infatuation, so when we talk of love we don't talk of how to make someone better. This is what we mean by love in this generation, when someone says I love what he means is can I access your heart, so I can direct it to what pleases me and when I am done with using you, l let you go heart broken. He means can you love me above God  by doing the things I tell you that's against God's will. He says,  baby sell me your most priceless possession,  give me your pride and dignity so you can satisfy and make me happy. He also means give me your dreams so I can shatter it by taking you to the wrong association and activities that will key your dream. 
Is this God's agenda for love that people will be abused by others because of uncontrolled feeling and lust. No wonder today the most important criteria for love is erotic attraction and when there is no attraction, it is not love. So how do we change our mindset about what the world says about love and what God's word says about love. Will be continued tomorrow. Remember this "But the firm foundation of (laid by) God stands, sure and unshaken, bearing this seal (inscription): The Lord knows those who are His, and, Let everyone who names [himself by] the name of the Lord give up all iniquity and stand aloof from it".2 Timothy 2:19(AMP). It does not matter if it is Eros, Philia, storge or agape it all has a mode of operandi from the word.
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