Welcome to purposeful living today. When you look at the dust bin, you find the container of things that the content has been used or the goods has lost its value. There is no need for such things on like when they were useful, they are now called waste as they have served their purpose. When you want to buy a product you don't look at the container, though the container can be so attractive that it will lead you buy but what  you  want is the satisfaction that it will give you. The content is more valuable than the container, and you pay more for the content than the cost of the container.
We choose to make our life a content or  a container by the way we live. It is funny how we most times invest in our body(physical appearance) without investing in who we are (our mental and spiritual capacity) ; in the talent, skill and potentials God has endowed us with. Beauty pageant last only last for a season of your life ( you reign for a year ) but being a record breaker is for a life time. The most beautiful person in the world is the most impactful person; the most impactful person is the person with the most a beautiful mind who has worked on himself. The ugliest person in the world is not the person that does not have an admirable look, but is the person without a sense of purpose.

You are useful to humanity based on your contribution not on  your attraction. Attraction plays a 20% to your personality make up but you character plays 80%. The world only search for those with contents in them that makes life valuable.
What value are you adding to humanity, are you a content or a container that is without value and is thrown away after  use. Your worth is on you living to fulfill a purpose and a life without purpose is abused.
Think about your future and your destiny build your life to the picture of the future you desire, don't allow people to use and dump you by living an irresponsible lifestyle. You are a treasure to the world, so live everyday as one. Share this post with your friends and comments appreciated.
Have a blessed day and keep living a purposeful life.

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