Welcome to purposeful living today. It is no longer news that the world lost one of God's generals who have brought million to our Jesus Christ. He is Cliff Barrows who was Evangelist Billy Graham singer and music director for more than 60 years. He died on Tuesday 15th November 2016 after a brief illness at the age of 93 at the Carolinas Medical Center in Pineville, North Carolina.
He is a  role model on what it actually means to live a selfless life. A life where your major aim is giving glory to God that all around you will see and experience the glory of God you carry. What will you be remembered for when you die, will heaven and earth miss you base on the impart full life you are living. Life is an adventure when it is lived on purpose. It has no duplicate so if wasted can't be recovered like your car, phones, clothes etc. That which you own you can do what it pleases you and get another one because you can afford it, but life has no price list,  it is priceless so we can't recover when lost. What is the whole essence of life, is it wealth, health, Certificate, family, relationship etc. The essence of life is about service to God and humanity.
Cliff Barrow served Billy Graham for more than 60 years as a singer. I ask myself how did he do this? It is difficult to work with you and you are now working with another person. He was not concerned of wealth, fame or position even when they change the name of their Evangelistic team from "the Barrows and Graham campaign" to " Billy Graham Evangelistic Association". He was still serving faithfully, for many of us we will break up and want to be founders of  our own organisation even  when we where not called by God we will give Him miss call.
This should teach us of humility and the willingness to give our all to others and to the service of God.
Live your life daily with the consciousness of giving glory. Have eternity in view, for your stay on earth is temporary. Keep living a purposeful life.

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