Welcome to purposeful living. Your life counts daily and you are closer to the grave as you see a new day. What is the essence of life is the question I asked myself on my birthday  on Thursday November 3rd. I was reflecting on what was the essence of life, why should a man be alive and pray against the spirit of death . I discovered that when we are told to pray against death in the the church we pray it with all our strength, but my question is why should you not die?  What reason will you give God so you can live; is your life giving God  glory  and adding value.  We are in pursuit of so many things in life that are secondary to the primary purpose of life. The most important reason for life is to live for the Glory of God.  A man once said "life is a gift from God and what we do with our life is a gift we give back to God". We are in pursuit of a great Career , healthy marriage,  financial prosperity, healthy life,  academic excellence etc, and forget the primary reason for living. There is nothing wrong in pursuing a better life,  but the question is do we seek these things above God and  not walking in his plans and purpose. This is why Jesus gave us an insight of the Primary purpose of life when he said  " But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things [taken together will be given you besides" Mathew 6:33(AMP). Our purpose in life is to live for God, and He should be at the centre of our lives.  There is no life outside God,  he is the giver of life and he makes our life meaningful.  This why those without God in  their lives have  no meaning,  they are hungry because their desires are never satisfied. This is why they crave for sex, wealth and power to fill the void in them.
Friend,  what is the essence of your life,  is it to make more money, marry,  earn a degree, open a new business...there is more to life than you can see and it has to do with impact; loving God and people .  Your life should be impactful,  making the lives of others a meaning; through helping others to fulfill purpose. The most happiest thing in life is to make the lives others joyful, this is why when Jesus Christ was on earth he did not invest in things but in people, his desire was to make people feel loved and to be loved by God. The greatest investment is in people not in things. Have a blessed day. Keep living a purposeful life. 
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