When we are asked if we want to be great in life, living our footprint in sands of time? We will shout  "
Yes i want to be great". Are we actually walking in the path of greatness? Do we spend on what we want instead of investing in ourselves and then produce a great future. It is only investment today that can guarantee dividend tomorrow.Spending so much on what to wear, eat,films to watch,places to visit and have fun at the detriment of your future is disastrous. We can spend our money on what will not be profitable to pur destiny and we will not complain, but when it comes to this that will be beneficial to our destiny, we must complain that we don't have money to purchase them. I have most times ask people who came to church without a bible why they did not come with it, they will say they don't have and there is no money to buy a Bible but they can recharge their expensive phones with more than #1000 monthly subscription, this is the same reason they don't buy books but can buy the clothes they don't need so they can appear attractive.  A wise man said it is either you are building a library or a mortuary, which are you building? What shall it profit you if you look beautiful but your mind is ugly. Out of the investment of the mind, the path of a man is directed to greatness.
Now, spending your money the way you want is not bad, so don't get me wrong. You should invest your money in books, seminars, programes, activities that will build your intellectual/spiritual/financial/relational/academic and emotional quotient, that is the only way you can become great. Invest in your mind and that you so much desire to buy,possess,eat,wear you then can, not at detriment of your destiny but to decorate who you have now become. Everything in life begins in your mind. Share this insightful post with your friends and comments appreciated. YOUR MINDSET DETERMINES YOUR LIFESTYLE. KEEP LIVING A PURPOSEFUL LIFE.

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