Welcome to purposeful living today.  There is nothing in life that is free not even in Freetown nothing is free. There is always a price to pay to get a prize.  Every destiny is nurtured in an atmosphere of responsibility. We desire the best but not ready to give the best. There is nothing wrong to admire greatness or success,  but are you ready to pay the price.  Most often we are desperately in search for the short cut or easy route to the top that can cut short our life and destiny. I have discovered that even anything evil has a price to be paid, the arm robber pay the price to strategize to steal from someone, he will do an extensive study on his client; he knows his office, church, friends, bank, home and his wife and children. The arm robber does all this just to steal and will not invest this skill and attitude in building his business or talent so he can have a better life. There are two kind of price you can pay and they are the price of pleasure and the price of pain.

The price of pleasure: This are things we sacrifice so we can live a fulfilled life. Your friends are going about defiling themselves in the name of fun, living a promsiquos life and you decide to live a life of purity to honour God, your future spouse and your children. It is the sacrifice of you saving money and not buying the things you want to because you are investing in your future.  You decide to study your books when people are sleeping because of where you are going and want to achieve in life. You pay this price in pain so that the treasure in you will manifest without measure.

The price of pain: This is price of eating the seed of tomorrow today. It is a lawless life where anything and everything is acceptable. They tend to get what they want by causing pain to others and to their future. Imagine that arm robber gets caught stealing, he might be killed by the police or jailed in the prison maybe for life, this therefore means his dreams have been terminated by his actions.
The life you desire tomorrow is S product of the price are you paying today to be a responsible parent, to be a good spouse, to have great career , a loving relationship and successful business etc. Joseph paid the price of not living an immoral life, he became the second in command in Egypt. The price you pay is not determined by your condition, you determined the condition by the power of God at work in you.  Your future is bright but you need to pay the price to make the light in you to shine.
Friend,  pay the price for the prize awaits you. Share with your friends if this post has  blessed  you and your comment is appreciated. Have a blessed day. Keep living a purposeful life. 

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