It is not how fast you go in life that matters, but how far. When an athlete runs in a competition, but leaves his track and begins to run on the opponent's track, no matter how fast he runs and is even the first to reach the finishing line he can't be the winner, because he did not follow the rules of the game. Friend, life is in stages backed up by rules and men are in sizes; grow in the stage you are right now. We most times don't appreciate the stage we are in, we are singles but don't appreciate our singleness and want to live the married life. We are singles and wished we were married to someone by cohabiting or having an immoral relationship with the opposite sex. Accept the stage in your life when you know that it is the time to sow for your future what you want to reap in future. This means don't be ashamed of what you do, the sacrifice you pay to build the future of your dreams. The stage where you have to sacrifice, your pleasure for your treasure. You may not have the most important things you need. It is a stage you must appreciate because a time will come when you will be able to afford all you need. Married people are even tired of married life and wish to be single, while you are rushing to be married illegitimately. You can only eat a food that has gone through the process of cooking, you can't eat it in its raw form.  Don't try to jump stages because every stage prepares you for the next stage so you can manifest your potentials no matter the challenges, you are already prepared to face them squarely. Be proud of where you are now, be proud you are a student, married, single, present financial status etc. You will have to tell a better and inspirational from "Story to Glory". Always Remember that life is in stages men are in sizes.  ESCAPING TODAY'S PAIN FOR YOUR DESTINY IS INVITING TO TOMORROW'S PAIN REGRET OF AN UNFILLED LIFE, SO STAND AN FIGHT IT TODAY. The serpent you fail to kill today will be a dragon tomorrow. KEEP LIVING A PURPOSEFUL LIFE. I LOVE YOU. Share this post if it has blessed you and your comments appreciated.

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