Welcome to purposeful living today.  It is surprising the way people dress Indecently and are comfortable in dressing that way as God's children who are specially and gloriously made  The essence of dressing today is now a show of our carnality not our spirituality. The purpose of dressing form the beginning which God's plan is to cover our nakedness, but today it is to expose it all in the name of fashion.
As a Christian when you became born again your wardrobe should change;  the purpose of you dressing then is different  from now because now your purpose is to please God. 
Whether you like it or not there is a godly and an ungodly look, the Bible talks about the attire of an harlot in Proverb 7:10. How can you a light of the world say what you wear does not matter and we use the verse in scripture when God told Samuel that he looks at the heart and not the appearance of a man. This is why we dress Immorally and seductively that has promoted the desires of the flesh to lust and walk in sin. We forgot that the Bible says we should not let a another fall in sin by the things we do. Why is the rate of immorality high today,  indecency is a contributing factor.
As ambassadors of the kingdom we are meant live as  it is expected in the kingdom we came from; living as a light of the world through the way we dress.  You are the light of the world so let your light shine in the way you dress. Remember the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. Have a blessed day.  Please share with your friends if this post has inspired you.

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