Welcome to purposeful living today.  Can you Imagine a lion becomes friends with a dog? He will lose his braveness , he cannot  roar and will be a common animal. He loses his title of been wild a animal. Don't be surprised if that lion start backing like a dog.  The lion can only get the attributes of a dog by building a relationship with him,  the day he sees lions roar he will want to roar but will find himself backing as a dog.  This is how we lose who we are to a less personality.
Look around you, the association you are in is what  influences who and where you are today in life; your life is your responsibility. Your association determines your acceleration and  destination in life. 
Every Paul needs a Silas, Peter needs James and John,  Daniel needs Shedrach,  Mesharch and Abegnego.
 The drunkard today was introduced by someone. The arm robber was introduced by someone. You don't like going to church because your friends  don't go. You are a Christian because someone introduced you to Jesus Christ. You should not be emotional about the friends you keep, if they can't add value to your life, tell them bye bye and flee like Joseph or they will terminate your destiny like that of the great Samson. Daniel was strengthened in Bablyon in his  dedication to God because he had 3 friends who also stood for what he believed in, though Daniel was their spokeman and they did not bow to the king's idol (Dan 1 & 3).Every association should be built on PURPOSE, not on physical attraction, money, fame and power. 
Impact is the product of your 'thought' pattern which then leads to the kind of 'words' you speak then to your 'character' make up which produce your 'habit' which finally leads to your 'lifestyle'."If evil communication corrupts good manners; then good communication corrects bad manners" Pst Paul Eneche. Association  adds a large percent of who we are.
Your sense of smell is around 10,000 times more sensitive than your sense of  taste. 

 Keep living a purposeful life.

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