Welcome to purposeful living. It is pertinent to say that life is worth more of the unseen than the seen. Focusing on the seen deprives us from what really matters. The future is built on the foundation of the unseen; the reality of who we are, our mindset.  Yes, our minds can't been seen but its product are glaring to the world. Not surprise, when Jesus said out of the abundance  of the  heart the mouth speaks. This affirms that our thought are the output of our lives. You can't live above what you think; the only way to move up is to think up. It is time to detoxicate  our mind from thought of fear,worry,depression,failure and the likes.
What you think determines how you live.  For as he thinks in his heart so is he.  If we must change our life for the better we must focus our minds on what is important and this what God is saying about you in his word.  Build your life with the atmosphere of the word. #klapl.

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