Welcome to purposeful living today. I welcome you to 2017 a year of limitless possibilities. This year has so much package ready for us to unravel. We have been given a gift of 365 days, 8760 hours,  525,600 minutes and 3,153,600  seconds.  Our achievements this year is based on how we maximize this gift God has given us to release our potentials. One important question I want to ask you is what your vision for 2017? Where are you going to this year? God told Abraham as far as your eyes can see I give you. What you see determines what you possess. If you can't see for yourself, other people will see for you. 
A wise once said the eyes that look are many but the eyes that see are rare. Most times in our lives we tend to be discouraged by the perspective of others. We live by what they  tell us abandoning what we see and seeking their approval to fulfill destiny because we want to please them. They tell you that you are not capable of bringing your dream to reality. They talk you down, projecting you as a failure. Seeking the approval of others to fulfill purpose is at the expense of your destiny.  You need to believe in yourself and in God,  because  most times people will discourage you especially  when they don't  understand your dream. Walk in the light of God's word, it is the mirror  that reveals your true identity. The voice of people is not always the voice of God.  You are born to be unique, this why we see differently. We all have individual not collective  eyes to see our world differently  and make impact. If we all see the same way there will be no growth and development in our world. If Sir Thomas Edison  never  saw differently, even when he tried the  light  bulb so many times; if he had seen like others he would not have given us the light we enjoy today.  What is that dream,  talent,  gift, skill, potential  and abilities in you; let no one talk you out of it in 2017. No matter the challenge you are faced with this year know that you are not alone... For with God all things are possible Mark 9:23.

Live your life to the fullest,  see limitless possibilities this year. 


Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.  Proverb  29:18.


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