You believe that you will just wake up in the morning in Dubai when you slept in Benin Republic, do you expect to see one million naria in your account when you have not done any contract. You did not prepare for an exam, but you expect a very good grade. Hello! You have to stop dreaming and start living by having a purpose, vision and set goals. It is your purpose, vision and goals when documented and worked out that are the foundation of a successful life. It is often said that the formula for success is when opportunity meets preparation it will produce success. What  are you doing to be the best, are even giving your best? There is no short cut to success, even the so call short cut is even long cut that may cut short your destiny in the process. Success is all about you, who you are and what God has deposited in the inside you to provide solutions to the problems you were born to address the world today.invest in yourself and you will be a success in life. Success is not measured by how much money in your bank account, it is measured by how much impact you have made in the lives of others; it is in the simile you put in the face of others,the financial and moral support you gave to the needy, the encouragement you gave to the heart broken making them feel loved. this is what makes a man a success if Jesus Christ had no money will you say he was successful in fulfilling purpose. It is a big YES. Let's live to make life a meaning for others  this is what makes us successful. #klapl.

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