Welcome to purposeful living today. I did observe what low self esteem can do in the life of a man as I observed chickens in our poultry.  I saw an adamant choleric chicken of the same age oppressing another melancholic chicken that is so fearful.  This fearful chicken is deprived of its right and privilege by other chicken. When there is food  the chick is driven from eating with them and becomes like Lazarus who eats crumbs that fall from the masters table.  Hmm... If you see this chicken, it has no form of comeliness to be desired and his body has sores, because they beat the chick with their beak. The chicken look so lepascious. You will not want to accept if given to you.
Then l had to ask myself what  made other chicken to take advantage  of him? Why did he not grow fat like others, what  stopped him from growing? Why was he fearful?
I then observed that it was his attitude, that made him to be abused by others.  He had no stand and accepted any treatment that  they give him, because  of low self-esteem.  He did whatever  they  tell him to do.  He has sold his self  worth to pleasing others at his detriment.
This is what  happens to most of us, we live in inferiority  complex and we don't believe  in who we are and allow people take advantage. You will be addressed based on the image of yourself you  portray to others. This why Eleanor Roosevelt "Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual,  you have an obligation to become one". What people think of you is insignificant to what you think about you. You are created in the image of God and you are  not less. Walk in boldness.#klapl.

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