Welcome to purposeful living today.  It is amazing how we love ourselves and don't want to be hurt by anyone.  We cherish ourselves to the extent of guarding our heart against the wrong people but we don't guard the heart of others by our selfish motives .  I came across a movie, where the guy was a specialist in breaking the heart of ladies after sleeping with them . He never knew how painful 
it was to the ladies he has broken their heart, until a girl who he loved and taught of getting married to broke his heart when  she told him that she has been using him for pleasure and told him that she is ending the relationship because she was going to get married. This guy was frustrated, he lost his mind, appetite, became  a drunkard. He did not know where to start from as his life was shattered. This was the same guy who derived joy in breaking other people heart.
The golden rule states that you should not do to others what you don't  want them to do to you.  We must understand that love is the greatest and therefore express love not at the expense of anyone.  So many heart have been broken and dream shattered because of self centeredness. Deriving joy in the pain of others because of what you want is against the will of God.  Don't forget the law of nature that says what goes around must come around. Our actions to others are seeds we sow and we expect more than what we sow.  You can't  sow evil and reap good.  Don't  just think about yourself as you take that decision, think of those who will also be affected by your decision; will it make them happy or sad,  will it add to them or subtract from them. You will never know the power of yourself until someone hurts you badly. Life is not a lonely venture, if it is it will be boring without others. Jesus Christ taught us to love one another as ourselves. Klapl.
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