Welcome to purposrful living today. There is no football match without a goalpost, this is the reason we have two teams who are fighting to score more goals than the opponent, the team that scores more goals is declared the winner of the game. The game will be purposeless and a waste of time and resources if there is no goalpost. For us  to be successful, we must have goals. Knowing what to do, how, when and what resources we need to get it done. Our dreams are big, but we must have small goals that will lead us to fulfilling our dreams, you can only eat an elephant by cutting it in bits, so goals can be long term 1year-5years, middle term [6 months] and short term [3 month. Our goals must be S.M.A.R.T, this means that it must be:
S-Specific: knowing what you want to do and not trying to do everything
M-Measurable: Not all players score the goal, some are defenders, mid fielders, goal keeper; they all work together to win the game in their own capacity giving their unique contribution to the game.You should take it in bits, instead wanting to do it all at a time. Get a list of the things you need to do and the time for its completion.
A-Attainable: Don’t choke yourself with so much plans that needs action immediately, take it one at a time. It should be what you can do now, no matter the sacrifice needed.
R-Relevant: In economics we have what we call scale of preference, where you rank your needs or wants in other of priority. Your goals should be pursued based on necessity and a sense of urgency.
T-Timely; it should be in a specified time, say 2 months time. It is funny how people give us job to do with dead lines attached and we give our self a task without deadlines.
It takes disciplined to be a goal scorer, your goalpost[destiny] awaits your goals so that who you are can be expressed. Just like there is joy when a team scores a goal, so there is joy when we meet our goals and impact others by the rewards of  winning the match of life. You must prepare yourself, so you can score your goals for a successful living. #klapl.

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