There is a candle in every heart, to bring light to the world. Some candles are burning while some have not even been lit up; some are bright while some are dim. More than 80 percent of people living today have not even discover the candle in them, no wonder they are living in darkness, which is the cause of wickedness, evil and immoral living. You have looked at yourself with disdain, saying like Nathaniel, who said "if anything good can come out of Nazareth (John 1:46)", you are always asking if anything good can come out of you. I am sent to tell you today that not just something good is in you, but something greater is in you dear friend; to bring great light your family, finances, generation. The world today is living in darkness because light carriers have left their lamp stand. Until we come back to God's plan for our lives there will not be changes in the world. Change begins with us, if we don't change ourselves there is no way we can change others. You are angry like me to the lascivious way of living in the world today, it therefore means that we should ensure our candles are always burning, we should never try to compromise with darkness to make it dim; like a great man said "whatever you compromise to gain, you will lose". Let us stand out not trying to fit in, that is why Jesus says "we are the light of the world". We can act and live different to light to our world and bring in a bright future, together we will drive darkness out of our world; this is even why we are on earth. #KLAPL.

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