When we see that we have achieved a little success we tend to remain where we are instead of moving forward, forgetting that what we have achieved so far is a tip of the ice berg compared to what lies in inside of us crying for expression. Refuse to be comfortable with where you are now. You want a good job that is why you spent so many years in the University paying sacrifices to ensure you come out in good a grade; now you have gotten the job what next? It is time to develop yourself so you be an asset in the company and not a liability, that your impact should be felt. As a student you were expecting admission after so many years at home waiting and burning the midnight candle, now you have the admission will you stop reading?  God said to Abraham as far as your eyes can see I give unto you, he did not stop there he kept moving. This why Apostle Paul said "Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are
behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before" [Philippians 3:13] When we stay in our comfort zone we cannot explore and employ our potentials to the best of our given capacity. God told the Israelites you have dwelt so long on this mountain, start moving. The only time we can stay in our comfort zone is when we are six feet below, when you have no breath; it is the only condition  that qualifies you to be in your comfort zone. God never created us as stagnant beings; this is why he gave us two legs so we can move. The only way we can change our world is in the state of discomfort, stop sleeping, relaxing, and not motivating others to their destination in life. Pursue your dream with the tenacity of a bull dog, make full use of what God has bestowed in you, stop being recessive but dominant, stop living in mediocre live in confidence and be courageous. You are created to recreate, be ever fruitful. #klapl.

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